Camp Yoga QC 2017 Recap

Ahhhhhhmazing, incroyable et spectaculaire! For my English readers, Camp Yoga QC was incredible and spectacular all at once!

This is my third Camp Yoga but my first Camp Yoga in French! This was also my first time attending Camp Yoga as a vendor vs. a camper so it was a new experience for me in many ways!

I arrived late Thursday night after finishing a full work day. Camp Minogami (where the QC location was held) was about 4.5 hours from Ottawa (including rush hour traffic out of the city). I arrived to meet my bud, Camp Yoga’s founder Chesley Long, Jen Cerullo (his right hand woman) and 2 Yoga Instructors from the East Coast. We may have had a roudy camp of Joking Hazard before heading to bed. We woke up to breakfast and organizational fun. I took to setting up my doTERRA vendor booth and getting to know other volunteers and campers who were arriving throughout the day.

I wasn’t teaching essential oils workshops until Saturday so I was able to participate in one class on Friday (Moksha Inspired with Music w/ Tiff Warren) after amazing conversations with attendees at our booth during the day. I loved, loved being able to use my French again. While I was a bit shaky I was very proud of myself for picking it back up fairly seemlessly. Everyone was so polite and kept switching into English for me but I tried valiantly to say “non, non, dite en Francais, je veux practiquer!”

Friday we rounded off the day, with a “Pat Talk” on goal setting based on our value. At this point in life I’d like to think I’m a pro goal setter, especially with the process that I use that I created a workbook around. I’m proud of how I use Core Desired Feelings to help me go about goal setting and to do list making with ease. But a few things came up for me that definitely put a new lens on things for me. I’m excited to journal more about my values of Serenity, Security & Adventure that popped up for me.

Another cool thing about Camp Yoga QC was the lack of cell service at camp! I felt like I hardly pulled my phone out except to check the time which also meant, I barely took any photos! We also had a full weekend of rain which meant for limited outdoor activities but created a cozy atmosphere with many people congregating in the dining room to chat and connect.

Saturday, I taught 2 workshops with my doTERRA teammates Anne-Marie & Julie. We started off with an Essential Oil 101 class in both official languages and then an Essential Emotions class which I taught mainly in English as we had English speakers in the class.

I finished off the day laughing incredibly hard in Chesley’s Recess class before dinner, a Yin class with Natalie Kakon after dinner and then gathering around the campfire after the rain stop while madly slapping away the mosquitoes despite using Terrashield. Those buggers were pretty bad with the wet weather.

Sunday, I woke up bright and early after skipping the Dance Party (which I usually highly recommend – my body just needed sleep) to take Patricia’s class which was described as a Flow Class without Hands. It was super cool and I told her during the weekend I absolutely loved her energy and I’m so glad I got to experience her teaching style.

I snapped a final picture on my way back to the dining hall later that day, continued connecting and talking with as many people as possible and sharing my love of oils to those who were curious. Because the Camp was smaller than others I truly felt like I had a chance to smile or say hi to pretty much everyone.

Now one of the best parts of Camp Yoga which I’ve never been able to say was the food! It was incredible, unreal and gourmet. Yes, we had gourmet Camp Food! You know the food was that good when we gave the chef a standing ovation basically at every meal!

I’m excited for the next one, Camp Yoga NY in August. Will I see you there?

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