Favourite Camp Yoga Moments of 2017

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of being a Camp Yoga groupie in 2017. I had the pleasure of travelling to 5 out of the 7 locations and it was epic. Without further ado here are my top moments from each Camp I attended that blessed me this year.


Despite a ton of rain, hands down the laughter, the delicious food (we’re talking vegan panna cotta served in wine glasses), the warmth of the community that attended and their epic, epic cuddle puddle during Chesley’s (Camp Yoga’s founder) Recess class.

Ok so a bit of background, during the end of Chesley’s class he sometimes gets everyone together for a huge cuddle puddle and sing along to Adele’s Hello. At Camp Yoga QC, we didn’t know how it would go with the Quebecers but gosh darn it they sang Adele’s Hello with a ton of passion. I’m going to vote almost the most out of all the locations!

New York

At this camp, my favourite memory was almost shutting down the dance floor. See I’m usually one of the first campers in bed. I slip out after dinner and pass out. However, in NY, I told my roommates I was going to go only for 3 songs. I had a 3 songs max but gosh darn it I found myself surrounded by a few hardcore dance peeps and we just kept going and going and the 90s jams kept pumping.

The next day I said it was like the perfect high school dance where you didn’t need to worry about impressing your crush or worrying about guys grinding up on you.



Getting to meet one of my dōTERRA teammates in person and spend the weekend together. My favourite moment of this camp was guiding a few women through the Essential Emotions workshop and the dissolving the chord meditation that has been taught to me. The emotions I could feel from these women after the meditation was strong. I asked if I could hug each of them and one woman held me tightly and whispered “I’m not ready to forgive him” and I whispered back “that’s ok, it’s your choice and in your own time”. I really hope that at every workshop I host I can simply provide tips and tricks that have worked for me in both physical and emotional healing and to get this opportunity at each camp is a blessing in itself.


After getting engaged the day before Camp started it was amazing to have Mike at Camp with me. I had a partner in crime to ensure all the diffusers around Camp were filled with water and essential oils.

My favourite part of camp though was seeing friends we’d made last year (Hi Cassandra!) and meeting new ones. Brandy, came over to tell me she’d heard me on Lori Harder’s podcast and we ended up chatting for hours one morning. These moments of connection are everything to me!


I missed out on Chet’s Recess class during Camp Yoga ON & AB as I had gotten talking with a few people at my dōTERRA vendor booth and wanted to ensure I was serving them with as much information as possible but it was quiet in the dining room in California so I grabbed my mat and headed out to round out the year with a final Chesley Long Recess class.

Not only did I get an epic cuddle puddle at the end of class but my favourite moment of the camp and of the entire year was at the beginning of class. We were asked to pair off with someone we hadn’t met yet.

My eyes locked onto a cute blonde. I immediately said in my head “wow she’s so LA, I hope she likes me”. Her name is Emilie. We were asked to first go into child’s pose and give each other a soothing back massage. Cue having to touch another person for the first time which can be nerve-wracking and amazing. We are definitely starved for touch in this world. Then we had to sit back to back and just simply breathe with the other person. This is freaking epic and so calming. I did this at other Camp Yogas but then Chet asked us to turn around and face each other and look the other person in the eye and simply breathe. We both got visibly emotional and started tearing up.

This was the first time in a long time I think we finally had someone actually see us. We are a culture that doesn’t make eye contact with strangers. We quickly glance away or don’t actually look at people when we pass them on the street.

I joked with her that I’ve been trying to make friends in Ottawa and it’s been hard. I’m awkward and when I ask people to be my friend they usually already have a tribe of women around them. So I asked her to be my new friend and we had dinner together and sat and chatted and shared where we’re at in life. It was epic. It was perfect and the best moment of the Camps this year!

(Hi Emilie. I see you 🙂 Below we’re rocking some partner dancer poses)

Will I see you at Camp next year?

Photo Credit: Des Isles  and Michele Grenier Photo

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  1. I was at your work shop in Ontario, and it really inspired me 🙂 You rock! See you next year 🙂

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