Camaro Drive

Disclaimer: I received the Chevy Camaro for a weekend test drive as part of the Klout Perk program.


I was so excited to get this Klout Perk. I have never driven a convertible before so that was probably the biggest excitement. I thankfully had Friday off so the car was dropped off Friday morning. My first reaction was… it’s purple? Although the colour was a tad girly I really enjoyed driving this muscle car around. It’s a bit too showy for me and when the top was down I definitely got stares so I just gave people the thumbs up! My first adventure was to drive to suburbia for lunch with a friend. We hit up brü which was a lovely gastro pub in downtown Oakville. I got the turkey club with salad and enjoyed the atmosphere of stools, wooden accents & chalkboard menus. Our server was delightful and she was handling all the tables & bartending and never let our water glasses get below half full.



I then headed up north to get a trail run in. I’m running 5 Peaks Terra Cotta on May 31st so I figured I should check out the conservation area ahead of time. I did a quick loop of the Terra Cotta trail for a nice 30 min run. The trail was pretty flat so not too challenging but it was great to get out mid day and enjoy the sun and the trilliums! Had a couple of dogs chase me and bark at me and a herd of teenage boys who were fishing wolf whistle as I ran by. All in all uneventful lol.





Friday evening I had a goal of heading down to Cherry Beach to watch the sunset. The clouds thwarted my efforts but the view was still perfect. Photos like this remind me how pretty Toronto can be.  20140518-200818-72498374.jpg



Saturday morning I filled up on gas and took off for family time. I drove to Kingston first to take my grandmother out for lunch and then all the way home to Ottawa to spend quality long weekend time with them. Sunday morning we went to church. It was a tad chilly so I wasn’t able to convince my father to drive there or back with the top down. I got bundled up and drove up to the Gatineau Park with the top down and loved life after lunch. I planned on running the Waterfall / Lauriault Trail which was a 3 km loop. I got a bit lost so I tacked on some extra kms.



I stumbled upon the Mackenzie King estate at the beginning of the run and remembered seeing the ruins when I was kid that are on the property. So that was kinda cool to wander around a bit before heading off on my run.  20140521-074058-27658921.jpg

I finally found the trail. the waterfall and amazing hills to get my endurance challenged. I ran for about an hour, saw a ton of trilliums again and was a happy happy girl.




Monday morning, I head up to Le Nordik. This is my happy place. I booked a deep tissue massage and spent a lovely time chatting with a new friend, Annie in the top warmer pool where you’re allowed to chat. I had my massage, spent a few minutes in the steam room and my favourite sauna and then we drove home with the top down, wind in our face and it was just lovely.


I headed home to Toronto after lunch with the fam jam. I drove for an hour with the top down and got myself a nice little sunburn on my forehead. The weirdest thing happened with the car on the way home. About 5 mins into the drive the middle console that controls bluetooth & music just died. It weirdly turned back on when I stopped to put the top up. I cheered because I have no idea how I was going to do the full drive home with zero tunes. Monday night I wanted to see the sun set. So I drove to Chester Hill lookout and then booted it to the Scarborough Bluffs to watch some fireworks.



All in all when you have a convertible you can drive the crap out of it and do some amazing things. I enjoyed taking this baby to different trail runs and seeing sites around my city and hometown I don’t normally get to see. If the bottom picture can some up my weekend then that is what is does. This was an amazing car to drive. Thank you Chevrolet Canada!


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