Winter Bucket List: Cabin Weekend

Perfect Winter Cabin Weekend. Check.

I am absolutely in love with our winter bucket list and equally in love with our amazing, relaxing weekend in the woods.

I somehow came across the Raven House Getaway Cabin on Instagram and after messing them to see if they would accept 2 dogs, it was a go and I booked a weekend in March.

alt="Raven House Getaway Cabin"

We drove up after work on Friday and arrived just as the sun was going down. We heated up some leftover meals from the week, started a fire in the wood stove and settled in. I had brought a few books and Mike had an audiobook playing and the pups paced trying to figure out their new surroundings.

Tired from the week, we turned in early, knowing we’d be up with the sun (due to all the windows in the loft bedroom). We woke up to pure bliss, perfect morning light and after re-starting the fire in the stove, letting the dogs out to relieve themselves, I made coffee and started the day.

alt="Raven House Loft"

alt="The Raven House Getaway Cabin"

We went to Natural Food Pantry on our way out of town after running out of coffee last week. The only bag of coffee that was ground was a bag of expensive Bulletproof Coffee but without knowing if there was a grinder there we grabbed it. Ps. There is totally a grinder and we could’ve gotten any bag. LOL. I sipped on my coffee, while watching the squirrels taunt our pups.

alt="Cabin Dogs"

We finally let the dogs out on the porch so they could try and catch the squirrels, and read some more. I did some business planning & dreaming in the loft bed.

alt="Raven House Loft"

We got a bit of cabin fever so we went for a walk to get firewood which was piled up near where we had parked the truck and let the dogs wander.

alt="Walk, Hubs & Fur Missile"

Please notice the fur missile flying past us!

Also, not sponsored but if you need a winter toque, I’m wearing Anupaya. A locally owned company that believes we are responsible for protecting and preserving our wild spaces. A company and mission I can get behind.

Also not sponsored but I legit lived in my Roots onesie all weekend and loved it. I definitely need more do nothing weekends booked into our schedule. Stat.

alt="The Raven House"

For those asking about renting the cabin, it was easy to do over airbnb. If you’ve never roughed it before be forewarned that there is no running water, you’ll use a compost toilet (with cedar chips, which makes it smell amazing), there is no electricity or fridge (you’ll use an ice box) and spotty cell service although we both had full bars.

For us this is simply divine and glam compared to winter camping but I thought I’d mention it for those who are used to more cottage comforts.

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