Summer Bucket List: Bungee Jumping

I put bungee jumping on my summer bucket list this year so when my Alpha Obstacle Training teammate Christine suggested we tackle this when we were in Ottawa for the Spartan Sprint weekend I was immediately raising my hand.

Summer 2015 Bucket List

We chose Great Canadian Bungee as it’s supposed to be the highest jump in Canada at 200 ft (60.96 meters). There is also a 160 ft rebound so you basically get 2 amazing free falls. The jump is over a quarry and the water is an amazing blue and so beautiful. It really was an amazing place.


We were excited but not that excited. I think only a few people were completely fearless the rest of us should’ve invested in depends as we were making pee & soiling ourselves jokes to cut the tension.


I bought the video of my jump to remember it. I also find myself highly entertained with how long I stood on top of the platform, what I yelled out mid-jump and how I chose to use my arms in the jump. I can’t stop laughing at how scared I was at the top of the crane. Here’s how my conversation went with the two guys on the crane.

Smiley Happy Guys Not Jumping: “When you are close to the water put your hands above your head so they hit the water first and not your face.”

Robyn (internal Dialogue): Ok swan dive to dive position, I got this. Don’t hit face first. So many things to remember.

Smiley Happy Guys Not Jumping: “Ok walk towards the edge and put your toes over the edge”

Robyn – slowly inched feet forward

Smiley Happy Guys Not Jumping – closes the gate behind me.

Robyn – gripping sides of the edge tightly.

Smiley Happy Guys Not Jumping: “Ok we’re going to countdown in 5. 4.”

Robyn: “Ok you’re going to need to give me a second.” Death grip on the railing.

Smiley Happy Guys Not Jumping: “Clear your mind, look at the view, breathe deeply”

Robyn: Hearing my Alpha Family yelling at me I yelled weeeee and looked to the left at my friends for moral support.

Smiley Happy Guys Not Jumping: “Clear your mind…”

Robyn – interrupting them. “Ok, where is my countdown!”

Smiley Happy Guys Not Jumping: 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

Robyn – Hands in prayer position for one last call for God’s Help. Then I think I jumped somewhat gracefully with arms out and then madly wave them above my head like that will stop my fall.

I yelled wee, I laughed uncontrollably, I yelled wee some more. I also say “It’s eerily quiet out here, where is my Alpha Family?” To which I got no response as I think they were all laughing at me and also freaking out for their turns.

Is bungee jumping on your bucket list this summer? I highly recommend making the drive to Ottawa for this one!

I can’t wait to tackle sky diving next 🙂

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