Bucket List: Parc Omega – Sleeping With Wolves

I’m obsessed with making memories and now that I have children I knew it was going to be fun creating memories with them but I love experiencing new things and watching my kids experiencing things for the first time. 

The latest bucket list item checked off was sleeping with wolves at Parc Omega


Parc Omega

We drove to Parc Omega on a Sunday, April 7, 2024 as we had booked the sleeping with wolves experience for a Sunday night. I had booked it a year in advance (that’s how booked up they are) and the first night they had open was a Sunday so I thought why not. We drove up Sunday afternoon and arrived at the Parc around 2 pm. We checked in for our wolf cabin experience and then headed into the Parc. We brought 1 big bag of carrots with us and one small bag of baby carrots. 

We were immediately greeted by elk at the front gates before driving around to explore. There were so many cool animals from elk to deer to warthogs to wolves, bears, great horned sheep, bison and more!

Parc Omega - Deer
Parc Omega - Elk
Parc Omega - Alora Feeding Deer

We were told to roll the windows down only half way and myself, Mike, Ryland and Alora all had our hand at feeding the animals. They really are like big puppy dogs and so gentle with taking the carrots from your hands! The only animals you’re not supposed to feed are the warthogs and the bison. However, we watched multiple cards disobey the rules. There was event a place in the Parc where you could get out of your car and feed tiny deer! 

Parc Omega - Bison
Parc Omega - Feeding Deer

OmegaBon Restaurant

We made dinner reservations for 5:00 pm at the on-site Restaurant OmegaBon. The park closes at 4 pm but you can still make your way out of the park after that. We finally checked into our wolf chalet, dropped off our bags and then headed to dinner. 

The restaurant actually blew us away! The view was beautiful, the service was amazing and the food was the best we’ve had in a while. I ordered 6 oysters to start, Mike and I shared the scallops and then I had the steak, frites for my main. The kids had the fish and chips option off of the kid’s menu and loved it. 

OmegaBon Restaurant - Alora & Mike
Omegabon Restaurant - Ryland
OmegaBon Restaurant - Oysters
OmegaBon Restaurant - Scallops
OmegaBon Restaura - Steak Frites

The Wolf Chalet

We book a wolf chalet that slept 4 people. I believe it had 2 queen beds. The beds are close the window for wolf viewing in the morning. When we got there they were busy sleeping and had just started to stir. Once we got back to the cabin after our dinner there were started to become a bit more active. We put the kid’s to bed around 7:30 pm and then the howling started. We luckily brought a noise machine with us so it actually drowned out the howling a bit. We brought ear plugs just in case but we loved it. 

The wolves are the most active in the morning and come right up to your windows to check out who’s in the cabin. You can tell they are used to all the visitors. 

Parc Omega - Ryland & Wolf
Parc Omega - Mike & Wolf

One thing to note is that you get invited to a wolf feeding at 9:30 am the next morning. Check out is at 11 am and I hadn’t booked Monday off so in between answering Slack messages we went to watch the wolf feeding and then actually drove through the Parc again. 

10/10 recommend this experience. It’s well worth the cost! 

Parc Omega - Sleeping With Wolves

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