Book Review: White Hot Truth

Book Synopsis:

Has your self-help become self-criticism? A wise and often hilarious exploration of the conflicts between spiritual aspiration and the compulsion to improve, from Oprah Super Soul 100 member, Danielle LaPorte. Like a wise girlfriend you can totally relate to, Danielle cheerleads you to own your wisdom and self-worth by having a good laugh (and maybe a good cry) at the ways you’ve been trying to improve on your self-improvement. Rooted in compassion, feminism, and spiritual activism White Hot Truth is an intimate and (hilariously) relatable account of self-help tales gone wrong, and very right. If you love Brene Brown and Liz Gilbert’s authenticity, and Marianne Williamson’s strong spirit, you’ll adore how Danielle lays bare “Boundaries for spiritual people”; the “Discipleshit” that happens when we give our power away; a “Soul-perspective” on suffering; “over tolerance” and “foolish compassion” in relationships, sneaky self-loathing; spiritual glamour. And in her poetic and brazen way, she brings it home with the hottest truth of all: You are your own guru.

What I Say:

The book was hard to get into but I took a gold colour sharpie to it and got lots of tweetables (see quotes below that I underlined) that really resonated with me. While none of the advice was earth shattering I appreciated her perspective in putting illness, service, and boundaries into perspective for me.

“Illness can deliver the message you need to get into balance. Your Spirit is hurting. Slow down. Take charge. Surrender. Feel the greater connection.”

“Self-helpers are primed to over help.”

“Service is being informed. Service is being enraged and compassionate. Service is being ruthlessly honest about the facts – then choosing to be hopeful about the future”

This book is going to speak to people in different ways. So if you are drawn to Danielle LaPorte’s teachings I recommend diving in.

What will you White Hot Truth be?

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