Book Review: The New One Minute Manager

What says:

The New One Minute Manager offers a way for you to succeed sooner with less stress in changing times—both at work and at home. Based on the original book The One Minute Manager which helped millions of people around the world in organizations large and small, this new version of the classic story deals with a new world. The book will help you find meaning in your work and inspire you to discover new ways to help your organization adapt and prosper.

The New One Minute Manager is a concise, easily read story that reveals three very practical secrets: One Minute Goals, One Minute Praisings, and One Minute Re-Directs, the new third secret. The story is based on studies in the behavioural sciences and medicine that support why these apparently simple methods work so well with so many people. And by the book’s end, you will know how to apply what you discover to your own situation and enjoy the benefits.

One Minute Manager

What I say:

I actually “read” the book on the app OverDrive. It allows you to borrow eBooks & audiobooks from your public library. I have a Toronto Public Library card from before I started working at Kobo. Our parent company Rakuten purchased OverDrive earlier this year so I was excited to start using the platform. I’m driving more to work so I’ve lost my reading time on the subway. I thought this was the perfect way to get my “reading” in with an audiobook.

I had put the book on hold, when it became available I downloaded it to the app so I wasn’t using data to listen to it and returned it to the library after I finished listening to it this morning. Part One was supposed to be 48 minutes and part two was around 39 minutes. I listened to the book at 1.25 speed so I finished the book in one hour during my drive to the office. I’m over the moon happy I listened to a book on my way to work and can start applying what I learned immediately. This is the stuff to geek out on at work. My direct report is off getting married for the next two weeks but I can’t wait to share the book with him and my immediate co-workers. I truly can’t believe I haven’t discovered this book yet.

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