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“Alexander Graham Bell discovered the telephone, Thomas Edison discovered electricity and Aaron Ross discovered the Enterprise Market for”

SHELLY DAVENPORT – VP Worldwide Sales at Replicon & ex-VP Corporate Sales at

Discover the outbound sales process that, in just a few years, helped add $100 million in recurring revenue to, almost doubling their enterprise growth… with zero cold calls.

This is NOT another book about how to cold call or close deals. This is an entirely new kind of sales bible for CEOs, entrepreneurs and sales VPs to help you build a sales machine. What does it take for your sales team to generate as many highly-qualified new leads as you want, create predictable revenue, and meet your financial goals without your constant focus and attention?

Predictable Revenue

What I Thought:

So I’m going back to work! What does that have to do with a book review?

I am ending my mat leave today to start a new Director of Marketing role at the company called Predictable Revenue. The company is based on this book by one of its co-founder’s Aaron Ross. My new boss sent me a copy of the book to read as I get onboarded so I devoured it this weekend before the family woke up or while the twins napped.

I wasn’t sure what to think of this book before reading it but I really really enjoyed it. Maybe because I haven’t read a business book in a long time. No, but really, it was an easy read while jam-packed with value. While I’m not formally in sales, I am part of the revenue team and everyone contributes to revenue generation. I really enjoyed the beginning of the book where the author recommends that those with no formal sales training read Chapter 6 (Lead Generation and ‘Seeds, Nets & Spears’) and 7 (Seven Fatal Sales Mistakes CEOs and Sales VPs Make) respectively first. I ended up highlighting so many nuggets of wisdom.

I loved the management tips which I’ll be using to coach our marketing team and I really enjoyed reading about the V2MOM Planning Process which I’m excited to nurture within our organization.



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