BCBD Transformation Retreat 2013

I had the pleasure of joining the ladies of BCBD on the 2013 BCBD Transformation Retreat in Los Cabos Mexico. We arrived at the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica late on Thursday night and the resort lobby smelled like eucalyptus and something else that I can’t put my finger on but it was divine.

Hotel Lobby

After a hiccup of our rooms being all king sized beds we finally settled in. I told Eva I was ok with spooning but we moved into a glorious 2 queen sized bed room.

Day 1 began at the crack of dawn. The resort looked spectacular at sunrise.

Pueblo Bonito


We headed down to the pool area which was to be our morning homebase for the time that we were there. Lay out of mats for guided meditation and took full advantage of the pool towels for warmth. The mornings were pretty cool. After a great start to day 1 we headed off to the restaurant for our first breakfast. First, let me start off by saying breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and the breakfasts in Mexico were divine. I had the same thing every day and it never got old. We’d sit down yell coffee to the waiter and then head off to the buffet. I’d order an egg white omelette and then fill a bowl with granola, plain yogurt and papaya & grapefruit. The omelette plate would then get sausage and hash browns! I posted the below picture on my Instagram. My breakfast is on the right and my dinner from Day 1 is on the left. Sea bass, prawns and veggies!


But back to day 1 morning. I changed out of short shorts and put on pink capris for the first bootcamp on the beach! Eva put us through our paces and we finished the bodyweight workout with 5 runs up and down to the water. See top right picture. Eva yelled hands up and I obliged. We were sweating out of breath, a tad sunburnt but happy.

Day 1

That afternoon we started our group hang out time by making vision boards for our binders.

Retreat Binder


To wrap up day 1 we headed off that evening just before sunset for our beach run. The private beach was amazing. Our route was 4k every day and the sand was so soft you’d sink a full step into the sand so I announced the first day it was really 8k 🙂 Yes I multiplied by 2.


Day 1 Run


Some of my favourite memories from the trip was starting the day every morning with guided meditation and yoga. Day 2 I was set up in front of Erin and we almost made out in upward dog.

Upward Dog Kiss

Day 3 I had the pleasure of teaching bootcamp! I was so grateful that Eva asked me to teach one day so I decided Tabatas were in order. We started with a dancers warmup and then went into 8 rounds of tabata. A tabata is 20s of work and 10s of rest repeated 8 times.

Warm Up


I put them through their paces of burpees, mountain climbers, crawl outs, bear walk (or pendulum swing), plank jacks, jump squats, v ups and frog jumps. We finished in 40 mins and I was wrecked. Doing the exercises and talking the ladies through motivations was hard work. Eva took us through a cool down and we ran to lunch for more fuel!

Mountain Climbers

Jump Squats

Teacher Jump Squats


Another favourite part of the trip was our beach runs. I ran 6 out of the 7 days there! Here is my favourite pics from the runs. My happy place, my run buddies (my fav run moment was running with Eva, Katie and Erin beside me) I usually ran on my own so the one night we ran together made me so happy! I took a great picture of Caitlyn & Lisa running together and then Eva grabbed a shot of me running on our last morning in Cabo!

My Run Happy Place

Running Buddies

Caitlyn and Lisa

Robyn Running


Another amazing highlight was the photo shoot Eva facilitated for the girls. We got amazing shots including personal photos and yoga shots on the beach! It was such a fun experience to share with these ladies!

Photo shooting




Thank you Cabo for an amazing time!



We came, we saw, we beat up our yoga mats and we left.

Yoga Mats

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