BCBD Transformation Retreat Day 4 – Day 6

If you missed the beginning of my trip to the BCBD Transformation Retreat you can catch up on Day 1 – 3 here. I don’t think my below recap really does the rest of the trip justice of what we experienced in group work or as we got to know each other better but I wanted to at least track the events of the end of the week so I don’t forget our time spent in an amazing location with amazing women.

Day 4:


The days continued with meditation and yoga first thing in the morning, breakfast and then we rushed into our bikinis to promise ourselves that we’d enjoy the sun. Katie and I never take pictures on resort vacations so we had to get a bikini shot on the beach.


The day before we opted for pool running vs beach running as all our ankles were just killing us. However, on Day 4 Katie and I braved the beach again and ran a different direction on the beach to explore more of the area. We found a gorgeous sunset and then tried sprinting in the hard packed sand on the way back until the waves crashed up and we’d have to jump into the deep sand.


I grabbed a final picture of the sky as it turned into night before getting ready for dinner. This is definitely going to be a screenshot on the phone when I need to be reminded of the gorgeous view.


Day 5:


We definitely had to take advantage of our amazing morning yoga location for some shots with the sun rising behind us. I pulled out a dancer & tree pose to celebrate the beauty of the scenery.


Last year on the retreat Eva treated us to a professional photo shoot and Katie and I both did dancer’s poses without really knowing each other. As roommates this year we had to do a joint pose for our memories.


Finally we came together in our matching Nike Women gear & shoes! We were so thankful for the comfy clothes and cross trainers that they outfitted us with to be able to conquer bootcamps in.


Andrea and I were also able to snap a love shot together. I’m so grateful for meeting her last year, for her skills leading us through group sessions in the afternoon and reading our morning motivations this year. I’m thankful we got to spend more time this trip chatting and getting to know each other better. She has my heart.


After breakfast, Katie and I threw on our bootcamp gear and ran down the beach to attempt handstand poses and cartwheels for the pure glee of it.


For this shot below I fully stopped two ladies and asked “Will you please take a cheesy jump shot of us?” Two attempts and bam!


Bootcamp that morning was our last one of the trip and was epic. Eva captured us rocking side plank crunches in the Mexico heat. And we had to take a cheesy Nike shoe pic to thank them so much for outfitting us.


I have to thank Katie for this next picture. It was her idea. Childless abandon was definitely had on this trip. We had fun and a lot of it. I couldn’t have asked for a better roommate to experience this trip with.


Day 6:

I tried to teach yoga that morning but we got rained out so off we went to breakfast. Many of the girls had booked treatments at the spa at the resort which was the best decision. I had a deep tissue massage and it was epic. My therapist started the treatment by seating me in a chair, placing seeds in my hands and announcing “hold the wishes and dreams of your heart in your hands” while she covered my eyes, allowed me to choose a lemongrass essential oil and washed my feet. The massage was then even better. She knew exactly what was sore and which parts of my body were off balance. I was in pure bliss.

We then spent the rest of the day relaxing, tanning and then lazily got ready for dinner. Dinner that night was back at the Italian restaurant. I wasn’t feeling well and ordered the lamb shank. I’m so upset I didn’t feel well because that was an epic epic piece of meat.


After dinner we attempted to release wish lanterns on the beach. Unfortunately it was a hilarious epic fail as the wind was crazy and we couldn’t light them. I brought the lantern home so we could release it here but regardless Katie and I looked up at the stars that night and wished for a life of love. Which was a perfect enough moment for me.


I love these ladies and I’m glad I got to spend a week in paradise with them.


 Goodbye Mexico! You were so good to us!


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