Banana Bread Haul

We use Loblaws Click & Collect (now simply called PC Express) pretty much every week. The ease of grocery shopping online & then a quick stop by the store to pick up the groceries has freed up some time on our weekends.

They are usually amazing, however, on occasion mistakes like this happen…

I swear I clicked only 1 but for some reason, we got 4 bunches!

So I searched for some AIP Banana Bread recipes and found 2. 1 with eggs and 1 without. This will matter to you if you’re vegan or on the elimination phase of AIP when eggs are recommended to be removed from your diet.

I’ve been able to reintroduce eggs so I actually prefer the recipe with eggs as it rises like the banana bread I used to make before AIP.

Vegan AIP Banana Bread

Paleo Banana Bread with Cassava Flour

Pictured below is the result of the second recipe! The only thing I subbed was instead of using a can of coconut milk where you need to put it in the fridge overnight to get a cream on top I just purchased a can of coconut cream which is just the cream vs. coconut water near the bottom.

Happy Baking!!!

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