Yoga Teacher Training: The Bali Adventure Begins

I arrived in Bali for Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) and I’m so excited for this adventure. I don’t know how much I’ll be blogging while I’m here but I figured I’d start out the journey by sharing pictures of where I stayed to recover from the long flight and where our YTT is taking place.

My AirBnB in Canggu

I wanted to book a private villa where I could recover from the long travel day (over 30+ hours of travel) and I had heard amazing things about Canggu. I booked a villa in Canggu in case I wanted to venture out into town.

I booked this Airbnb for one night as my flight was set to arrive on January 31st. I later realized that my flight arrived at 12:10 am on January 31st which was technically a January 30th overnight. The villa is part of the Tamu Seseh complex and they had another villa available for me the night before so I checked in there easily. While not the exact villa as the AirBnB it was just as amazing and I decided not to move into the other villa as I had already unpacked a bit.

It was exactly what I needed to catch up on sleep, emails, blogging, reading and just generally being alone before becoming immersed in the YTT group.

Living Area
alt="Canggu Villa - Shower"
Outdoor Shower
alt="Canggu Villa - Bath"
Outdoor Bathtub

After going to bed at 2 am I ended up waking up at 6 am which is fine because I wanted to get on Bali time as fast as possible. The power went out around the same time so the bedroom started getting a little warm. I got up and called the main office, my driver from the night before came by to fix the power and I ordered breakfast from the kitchen. I got scrambled eggs, a sausage, a few slices of bacon, cooked mushrooms and a bowl of fruit. I also got a glass of watermelon juice & a big pot of coffee.


I spent an amazing day just reading, blogging and scheduling some social media for so it was nice to get a few things out of the way so I could be present at the yoga teacher training. And while I didn’t have an outdoor bath (the water never seemed to get hot enough) I did enjoy the pool and the shower.

February 1st I got all packed up, spent the morning at the villa doing some more relaxing and then heading off to the Yoga Teacher Training venue.

Pondok Pitaya

Our Yoga Teacher Training is taking place at Pondok Pitaya. We were supposed to have the River House all to ourselves but instead are put up in these mini apartments. I met my roomie and got all settled in on the second floor of one of the apartment buildings.

alt="Pondok Pitaya"

We have 2 twin beds in the room, a bathroom that is sorta outdoors but not really and a weird lock system on the door but we’re making it work. There was actually rips in the mosquitoe netting on my side of the bed so I’m glad I actually brought another one. If you look closely I’ve hung netting from the inside of mine so that I’m doubled up. I’m being very diligent with ensuring I’m protecting myself from mosquite illnesses. Some may think it’s being overly cautious but it’s my choice to be very careful and I don’t feel like I’m obsessing too much.

alt="Pondok Pitaya Room"

This place is just gorgeous. The venue is right on the ocean. The location is called Balian Beach. We can see the water from our yoga shala and where we eat all our meals and it’s just beautiful.

alt="Balian Beach"

The food they’re feeding us is amazing! Although primarily vegetarian/vegan we also have been getting some fish and chicken so my belly is happy. An example of our breakfasts. Smoothie bowl, spinach and gluten-free banana pancakes! We also have an egg station in the morning so lots of scrambled eggs for me. It’s been amazing.

alt="Yoga Teacher Training Food"

I’ll leave you with this sunset because well….

alt="Pondok Pitaya Pool"

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