Bald Men Get Ratings

This line from Media in Canada made my morning: “Flashpoint will go into production on a second season of the shot-in-Toronto action series early next year after CTV ordered 13 more episodes of the prime-time hit yesterday.”

Yeahhhh for Bald Men who get ratings! This show is awesome, well-written, well cast and I definitely enjoy it.

The great part about this show in the Media world is that it was picked up on both sides of the border. CBS records an average of 7 million viewers while CTV consistently averages 1.1 million viewers since the show launched in July. Next fist pump is due to the shift from Friday to a Thursday time slot. Which I’m sure helped out the ratings factor. They started the show in the summer during a slow time to grow an audience who will hopefully stay loyal beyond the summer months.

The characters are developing well. From Jules played by Amy Jo Johnson to Sam, Sgt. Gregory Parker and Ed Lane (the bald man if you are unfamiliar with the show). I saw Amy at the Fall Up fronts and for the life of me couldn’t remember what she was on prior to this show. I had to read her bio to find out it was Felicity. However she is making her mark with this show and asserting herself as the lone female for all the women viewers to identify with [new female in last week’s episode!]. The characters deal with their jobs and have human moments that endear us and recognize the profession for what it is. Difficult and Heartwarming.

So CSI has helped put Vegas, Miami and New York on the map. Will Flashpoint do the same for Toronto?

That’s a whole other blog about destination marketing and TV shows.

[This show is now in it’s 2nd season and I’m so proud I called it a success!]

One thought on “Bald Men Get Ratings

  1. Actually, I didn’t it was Toronto.
    But, that’s not why I am commenting here. The show that I used to watch was Criminal Minds. I believe I watched every single episode. So I jumped over and tried Flashpoint reluctantly. After one or two episodes, I am hooked. I love this show. I get all caught up in the storyline.
    And then you mention “The Bald Guy”. Is his name Hugh Dillon? He is so darned good looking and would look funny WITH hair. His tough looking exterior mixed in with his sensitive side. Even his pointy ears are cute.
    Absolutely love the show and the characters.

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