Summer Bucket List: Balcony Garden

Last year on my summer bucket list I put down balcony garden as one of my goals as I’ve never had a green thumb before. Plants and me don’t really get along. They can’t tell me they are thirsty or if I’ve drowned them in water. I had 1 planter and 2 smaller containers in 2013 and kept them alive last summer! Go me! So this year I decided to go a bit bigger. I didn’t plan my trip to the garden centre at all. I just grabbed a cart and started filling it.


I only bought one bag of soil on my first trip and clearly underestimated my needs. I was only able to plant two of the long planters, my herb garden and a dahlia plant until I went back a few days later and bought two more big bags for the third long planter and two standing planters I bought.


Found in my herb garden is rosemary on the far right, lavender in the middle and oregano on the left. A sweet basil plant resides in the white container and my white dahlia in the back corner of the table.


I can’t remember for the life of me the two greenery plants in the standing containers but all I know is they are ok in the shade which my balcony gets a lot of. Found in the the three long planters on the ground are dusty miller, bergamots and alyssum (my middle name is Alyssa) so I thought it was highly appropriate to have a name sake plant in my garden.


I can’t wait to spend more time curled up on my balcony with my weekend breakfasts, after work with a glass of wine or curled up with a book. Do you have a balcony garden?

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