5 Things That Make For a Fun Baby Shower

Disclaimer: Mom I’m not pregnant we just went to an amazing shower this weekend and it inspired this post! 

Mike and I had the pleasure of attending our friend’s baby shower this past weekend. It was so tremendously fun and we loved celebrating with them. I’ve always hated the idea of bridal or baby showers because I find the idea of sitting around a living room watching someone open presents extremely awkward.

So when we arrived at the baby shower on Saturday it was so fun to see how it was set up! Here are 3 things I especially loved:

Have a Co-Ed Baby Shower

I love that it was co-ed. Having everyone you love and adore there celebrating with you is just a fun idea. We also attended their gender reveal so I like the series of events cause you find out what they’re having and then you get to spoil the family rotten next. And I also love that it’s an “excuse” to get people together more than once leading up to the new babe entering the world.

Mom-osa Bar (Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic)

A mimosa bar is always a good idea.

Diaper Messages

I loved coming up with silly & sweet messages to write on diapers from  “Remember You Love Me” to “Wow What Did You Feed Me?”

And since I logged onto Pinterest to get images for the above ideas I got a little carried away looking at other cute ideas so here are 2 other fun ideas that I love.

Bring a Book instead of a Card

Instead of cards, I like the idea of bringing a children’s book and signing the inside cover!

Name Suggestions

I don’t know about you but when the time comes for me to name a mini-me I think I’m going to struggle so having a list of suggestions from your loved ones vs. just google sounds awesome to me.

Happy Shower Planning!

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