Holistic Treatment Fund

Taking care of yourself holistically is really expensive. If you’re lucky enough to have benefits you may have a certain lump sum you can spend per practitioner per year. Or you might have a Health Care Spending Account where you can divert funds to the practitioners of your choice. Regardless, the cost to see holistic experts weekly or even monthly adds up. That’s why I created a Holistic Treatment Fund.

I’ve been blessed financially so I’ve been able to take care of myself holistically without much of a worry. The year after my MS diagnosis I spent time doing treatments that were very expensive. Some I paid for and some I received in kind as I featured them on my personal website and on social media. I had people in the MS community reach out to me saying that what I was sharing was all well and good but there is no way they could afford that level of care. This is when I started really thinking about the cost of holistic health.

I can’t change health care systems. I can’t change benefit plans but I can create something to give back to the autoimmune thriving community.

A portion of all profits from Autoimmune Thriving services (Program & Lifestyle Audits) will always be diverted to the holistic treatment fund. This will allow us as a community to give back to those with autoimmune diseases who may not be able to prioritize holistic treatments for themselves at the moment.

To apply for a bursary send us an email with the subject: Treatment Fund Application.


  • Must not have a Benefit Plan

Simply share what type of treatment you’d like help with and we’ll chat!