Lifestyle Health Audits

Do you ever wish you could have a tour guide for your autoimmune disease healing?

Do you ever wish you could have someone take a look at how you organize your life and make suggestions on what health pillar to focus on first as you learn to live with your autoimmune disease?

I offer Lifestyle Health Audits for those reasons!

Diagnosed with MS

That’s my cue to introduce myself. Hi, I’m Robyn Pineault (formerly Baldwin) and I’ve been living symptom and disability-free with Multiple Sclerosis since 2014.

I was diagnosed in December of 2014 after experiencing numbness and tingling in the right side of my body for over a week. This picture is me receiving the prednisone, steroid treatment at home while working remotely from home. I’ve learned so much since then!

Over the years, I’ve shared countless blog posts about living well with MS and my healing journey.

Which in turn has led many people to reach out to me. The conversation usually goes like this:

“Robyn, one of my friends has recently been diagnosed with MS. Can I connect you with them?”

My response is always: “OF COURSE!”

I have organized resources over the years to make it easier for someone newly diagnosed to research how to live well with an autoimmune disease and what holistic care could look like for them.


Autoimmune Healing Guide
5 Things To Tackle After An MS Diagnosis

So what is a Lifestyle Health Audit?

Downloaded PDFs sometimes, can only get you so far. The overwhelm is so real that I’ve created a valuable service to allow you to sit down with your own personal autoimmune lifestyle tour guide (that’s me!) I created Lifestyle Health Audits as a service so I can help decrease the stress of where to start when it comes to taking care of yourself differently than before.

So what is a Lifestyle Health Audit?

Lifestyle Health Audits

It’s an examination of one’s lifestyle as it pertains to overall health. We’ll look at how you are currently nourishing yourself. What supplements you’re taking. The health care team you’ve built around you. What your our weekly movement routine is like. What toxins you’ve possibly been or are exposed to. How you currently manage stress (physical and emotional) and what kind of sleep you’re getting every night.

I focus on the 6 pillars of health to create an optimal environment for my body to thrive. I know that it can be overwhelming to think about where to start. So based on answering a few questions we’ll figure out a plan of attack so you can baby-step your way into an optimal healing plan for you. The healing plan that will empower you as your best healthcare advocate. And one to inspire you to take care of yourself differently than you did before (with me as your tour guide to living well with an autoimmune sidekick).

Lifestyle Health Pillars We’ll Focus On

  1. Nutrition
  2. Supplementation
  3. Sleep
  4. Stress Management
  5. Movement
  6. Reduce Toxic Load

What’s Included In A Lifestyle Audit

  • A Lifestyle Questionnaire
  • 1 Hour Consultation
  • Lifestyle Recommendation Plan

Customer Testimonial

Sarah Wilson

My name is Sarah, and I live with MS!  I invested in the Lifestyle Health Audit as a way to make sure all I was doing was on track to live a healthy life and see what other tools I could add to my toolbox.  Robyn was professional, present and so organized in her approach.  I felt heard and Robyn acknowledged all the amazing work I was already doing day to day to support my wellness with MS.  Robyn had a gentle approach to her recommendations of what I could add to my day, taking into account my family life and needs, that did not make me feel overwhelmed.  In the end, the final recommendations and summary were put into a nice easy to read document.  I felt positive to keep going with my current strategies and a new found energy to incorporate her suggestions!  I would highly recommend Robyn and her Lifestyle Health Audit as a way to begin your new health journey or, like me, review all you are doing and get to add more.

– Sarah Wilson, MS Thriver


$197 USD