Welcome to Autoimmune Thriving

I believe we have the ability to heal ourselves.

I believe we have access to tools to increase the quality of our life after an autoimmune disease diagnosis. And so the idea behind autoimmune thriving was born.

Autoimmune Thriving Mission

To empower those living with an autoimmune sidekick (cause the word disease is no fun at all) to thrive and not just survive.

The Reason Behind Autoimmune Thriving

Hi, I’m Robyn (if we haven’t met yet). I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2014 and started taking care of myself holistically through lifestyle changes.

I adapted my nutrition, supplements, my sleep, stress management and reduced the toxic load on my body. I believe through a combination of things that I’m able to thrive living with this autoimmune sidekick.

I’ve learned valuable tips, tricks and found amazing resources to create vitality in my body.

Over the years, I’ve received countless messages from people who are newly diagnosed or know someone who has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Since my top two strengths are input and learner. This means I love organizing information for others in an easy-to-navigate way. So here I am to serve those diagnosed with an autoimmune disease who are seeking to empower themselves to heal.

Robyn Pineault Wearing A Hat

I’ve been doing it naturally over the years by sharing details in my blog. And now I’ve launched organized services. Autoimmune Thriving as a container was created to be of service. I want someone living with an autoimmune sidekick to be able to say: “Oh, I’m symptom and disability-free.”

My Journey with Multiple Sclerosis

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis
Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Autoimmune Thriving Services

Lifestyle Health Audits

It’s an examination of one’s lifestyle as it pertains to overall health. We’ll look at how you are currently nourishing yourself. What supplements you’re taking. The health care team you’ve built around you. What your our weekly movement routine is like. What toxins you’ve possibly been or are exposed to. How do you currently manage stress (physical and emotional) and what kind of sleep are you getting every night.

I focus on the 6 pillars of health to create an optimal environment for my body to thrive. I know that it can be overwhelming to think about where to start. So based on answering a few questions we’ll figure out a plan of attack so you can baby-step your way into an optimal healing plan for you. The healing plan will empower you as your best healthcare advocate. And one to inspire you to take care of yourself differently than you did before (with me as your tour guide to living well with an autoimmune sidekick).

Autoimmune Thriving Program

I’ve created a game plan on how to take care of yourself after an autoimmune disease diagnosis.

The Autoimmune Thriving Program is a 60-day online course that helps someone newly diagnosed map out a healing plan that serves their lifestyle.

It includes 8 modules, access to experts in modules 3 – 8 and a community of like-minded individuals to provide positive support for each other.

  1. Where to Start
  2. Healing Modalities & Building A Health Care Team
  3. Digestive Health & Nutrition
  4. Supplements
  5. Movement & Yoga
  6. Sleep
  7. Stress Management, Meditation & Mindfulness
  8. Reduce Toxic Load

Holistic Treatment Fund

I’ve been living with an autoimmune disease since 2014. I know firsthand that taking care of yourself holistically can be really expensive. In Canada, where I live, many have benefits that support some holistic treatments. A benefits package may include a Health Care Spending Account where you can divert funds to the practitioners of your choice or more than likely a benefit plan offers a lump sum per practitioner for the calendar year.

I’ve been blessed financially that taking care of myself holistically has never been a worry. I spent the year after my MS diagnosis in treatments that were very expensive, I had people in the MS community reach out to me saying that’s all well in good but there is no way they could afford that level of care. This is when I started really thinking about the cost of holistic health. So the Holistic Treatment Fund was born. I will always take a portion of the Autoimmune Thriving service profits and provide access to funds for those without benefits or financial stability to use the funds for holistic treatments they would like to try in their healing journey.