Why Asking Me About Wedding Planning Annoys Me

If you ask me about wedding planning you’ll probably get this reaction.

I’ll answer politely it’s going well (and it really is) but under the surface, I’m a bit annoyed and I’ve been trying to put my finger on the issue. Because shouldn’t I be super excited to talk about wedding planning???

I’ve definitely thought about whether I’m still working on past emotional trauma (and I’m sure that’s a factor). We can unpack that another time.  But after a weekend in Toronto celebrating one of my best friends upcoming nuptials and to have her friends ask me about my wedding planning, I realized what my problem is…

I’m actually sad at how much importance society puts on this being the “perfect” day. And it can cause brides all kinds of stress and puts so much focus on party planning vs. relationship building. When I come across posts from previous brides on wedding planning forums about how much they miss their wedding or the planning I want to scream! Love the day, love the memory, love your ability to throw a beautiful party but there is so much more this beautiful life of ours. If you miss the planning, become a wedding planner so you never have to stop! 🙂

But what about working on the marriage, building a life together, planning and finding your happy as an individual!? I want to scream these options from the rooftop.

So should we chat over the next 8 months here are the subjects I really wish you would ask me about:

  • Ask me how my dōTERRA business is going
  • Ask me about the latest nutrition study I’m researching
  • Ask me about my Seasonal Bucket Lists
  • Ask me about the next epic trip I’m planning
  • Ask me about finding a delicious morning routine
  • Ask me about proactive healthcare or trail running or finding a fitness routine again…

But ask me about party planning and I’ll probably clam up.

And if you ask me if wedding planning is stressful I’ll really go off on you. Wedding planning, shouldn’t and doesn’t need to be stressful. It should be delightful and lovely and enjoyable. There are so many checklists, resources, and planners out there that there is no reason why it should become stressful. That’s a choice you’ll make as you plow through the to-do list. What if you consciously choose to enjoy it? EVERY STEP.

So I’m going to be over here in my corner of the world enjoying every step of the way. I cannot wait to marry my partner in crime.  But it’s not the only thing going on in 2018.

So that was what was on my heart today and in an effort to unblock my throat chakra, voila!

3 thoughts on “Why Asking Me About Wedding Planning Annoys Me

  1. Amen! Thank you for busting through what is expected. There are 364 other days in 2018 that are going to be just as perfect!!!

  2. Or maybe people are just asking to be polite and make conversation….just a thought. Or they don’t want to open the doterra network insanity can of worms….

  3. But polite is just too simple. I’m the same person who hates small talk at a party. I like to go deep and the beautiful insanity of dōTERRA is one that is as amazing as a bag of gooey gummy worms 🙂

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