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This was my second time at Alpha Obstacle Training. My first time was back in December and I loved it! My run partners and fitness friends who I’ve met through the Lululemon run club I attended last year and have now become great fitness friends were all rounded up for some amazing Alpha training on Saturday morning. We took part in Alpha Genesis. Genesis is the first book of the bible and is defined as the beginning of something. Alpha Genesis is the begging of attacking goals and becoming better than you already are. Everyone starts somewhere and everyone starts again when tackling new goals.

We started off with a calisthenic warm up; running, skipping and jumping jacks and then the circuit began. Planks, pushups, and burpees galore. So many bodyweight exercises most would think the first 15 mins was the workout. A quick water break and a we’re working hard selfie with Jessica before getting back at it.


The next challenge was a circuit. My friend Michael’s girlfriend Katie and I partnered up for the stations. We started with dumbbell curls to shoulder press, kettlebell swings, rope climbs (which I need to get better at), wall sits to prowler push, pull ups with bands on the rig, deadlifts, push press to squat, wall jumps and finally battle ropes. Oh but that’s not all. We then suited up for an outdoor run. My boys Michael, Clifton and I were the only ones who tackled the 5K run distance. I was proud I was the only girl to run the 5k.  I yelled selfie as always and this time Michael promptly did #theface (as it’s known on Instagram). I love love that we have so much fun together.


Needless to say the run was a tad frigid at -20C. And although we were covered in sweat, I definitely cooled down about 1km in. I snapped a quick pick of the waterfront down on Cherry Street and continued on my merry way. The wind was at my back the first 2.5km and then bam I turned around and couldn’t breath. Could barely breathe in, was crying from the wind and then spat on my arm instead of the ground. So sexy. But I did it. I used willpower and made it back and even in 31:17. Which is technically a decent time for my 5K in the middle of a cold spell 🙂 20140208-200229.jpg


Oh but that wasn’t all. We got back and still had another circuit to complete. I didn’t complain and just started. First it was time to cross the rig. I finally crossed the whole monkey bar portion and couldn’t have been happier!!! Then it was 25 burpees, 25 KB pulls from the ground, 25 box jumps, 25 jump squats, 25 ab roll outs and then 5 rope lowers and raises (I think I’m forgetting some exercises). Since I was in my run gear I did a nice little strip show and pulled off my pullover, UA cold gear and HR monitor strap after each exercise. I ended up just in winter run tights and my UA sports bra. So sexy! LOL jk. But in all honesty for the first time it was nice to not be self conscious and just work.


While I was refuelling with a Magnum protein shake, Michael decided to pretend he was Donkey Kong. A photo was necessary.


I can’t wait for more Alpha Genesis on Saturdays. This will definitely get me in shape for my obstacle races this year! #FitJustGotReal

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  1. This is so fantastic! I love how you take us through the journey of the Alpha Genesis class 🙂

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