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Every Friday I am going to feature a woman that I adore. They exude all the qualities of an Alpha Female and I want to dig into their lives to get some nuggets of knowledge to help us all live happier, healthier lives balancing life & work.

Definition of an Alpha Female

An Alpha Female is a powerful and assertive woman. Her confidence is due to being an intelligent and intellectual problem-solver. Being an Alpha Female is a State of Mind based on choosing ambition and being proud of it. She strives for a happy and healthy work/life harmony.

She is the brightest star in her constellation.  When an Alpha Female stays true to their authentic selves and their missions they shine.  An Alpha Female puts herself first so that she can fill up her cup and then have more energy for her friends, family, and coworkers. She strives for synergy with the world around her. She knows that work/life harmony is found by staying true to your priorities and what makes you happy. She is never complacent about striving for better and nurtures relationships with all the people in her life.

Meet Rachel Adams

Rachel Adams is a realtor, public speaker, coach, author, and entrepreneur.  She lives in Northern California, and is the CEO of 4 different companies.   In just 3 years in the real estate industry, Rachel had hit the top 1000 agents in the country for the Wallstreet Journal.  On the outside looking in, her life was perfect.  She had the perfect car, the perfect social life, and everything looked top notch.  You could say she had the perfect “Facebook” life.  But as we all know reality isn’t always what it seems.  And then one conversation changed everything.  Rachel decided to start leading her life with full authenticity and intention and everything changed! She now travels around the United States teaching others and coaching on her life changing book and program, “Lost to Found in 90 Days”.

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Coach with Rachel

How are you an Alpha Female?

I am the CEO of 4 companies and tend to be told I operate like a male in my leadership but invest emotionally like a female.

What does your work/life harmony look like?

It’s tough but absolutely doable. I have boundaries I set in place for clients and in my personal life I have tech timeouts with my phone. For years my work came first, and now my personal life does! I subscribe to the clean no vs. a dirty yes when being asked to do things that I don’t want to do.

What are you most passionate about?

Inspiring others to lead their best life and spending time with those I love. My big why is also to fulfill my dream of becoming a wife and a mom. I always want to be learning and growing and my biggest growth moment was when I was challenged during an interview that my video was not matching my audio. I wasn’t taking care of myself while teaching others. Now my message is so incredibly different.

What are you daily health habits that keep your immune system boosted?

I have a powerful morning routine! The night before I go to bed I set water by the bedside and drink a full glass before my feet hit the floor. My fiancé and I also have gratitude practice in the morning. We share 3 things we’re grateful for. I then do 3 super simple exercises (push-ups, squats & ab routine). Finally it’s followed by a healthy breakfast.

I’ve never given up food to feel healthier, I actually gave up dating and drinking for 90 days. What I found is that when you make one good decision it then leads to the next good decision.

What is your weekly fitness routine like?

In the morning I like to do a 10 minute exercise routine. I usually workout 4 days a week doing HITT and cardio! I absolutely love doing Orange Theory 3 days a week! I never get stagnant or bored and love the group setting and high energy.

How do you challenge yourself fitness wise?

I am big on accountability partners and I am currently training for my 1st full marathon! I like the idea of completing things and how will I feel when I finish it.

What are your daily habits for winding down at night and reducing stress?

I have a nighttime ritual to decompress. I like to do a mind dump. I also created a sacred space on the corner of my couch where I journal with a cup of tea. Now with my fiancee we have the love chair (a chair and a half) with a no tech hour. Our cell phones are off and we snuggle up and talk about our day!

What are you daily/weekly nutrition habits that keep you well nourished?

I meal prep Sun & Wed. I cut out white flour, sugar, anything processed and fried. I now shop on the outside perimeter of the grocery store. I also eat anything I want but I eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper and that really works for me. I feel incredible and like I’m floating.

What are some pain points of being an Alpha Female that you have to problem solve for?

The desire to be everything to everyone. Have the power to grant yourself some grace! On the days that you have a rough one just take a deep breath. I’m doing the best that I can right now. Surround yourself with forgiving people.

What is your definition of happiness?

My definition of happiness is having the freedom to spend time with the people that love, when I want to, as much as I want to. Nothing about success. It’s the people. Life is about choices, and I CHOOSE happiness!

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