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Every Friday I am going to feature a woman that I adore. They exude all the qualities of an Alpha Female and I want to dig into their lives to get some nuggets of knowledge to help us all live happier, healthier lives balancing life & work.

Definition of an Alpha Female

An Alpha Female is a powerful and assertive woman. Her confidence is due to being an intelligent and intellectual problem-solver. Being an Alpha Female is a State of Mind based on choosing ambition and being proud of it. She strives for a happy and healthy work/life harmony.

Type A Alpha Females often come across as strong willed and selfish. When we stay true to our authentic selves and stay true to our mission we shine. A true Alpha Female puts the needs of herself first without sacrificing her principles or dignity. She fills up her cup or gas tank first so that she has enough energy for her friends, family, and coworkers. She strives for synergy with the world around her. She wants a perfect work/life balance but knows that it requires being true to your priorities and what makes you happy. She is never complacent about striving for better and nurtures relationships with the people in her life.

Meet Jahmeelah Gamble!

Jahmeelah Gamble

Jahmeelah (Jam) Gamble is one of Toronto’s gifted leaders who pushes the envelope and encourages everyone to cultivate their own inner light and abilities. The multi-passionate Educator, Advocate and Media Personality is on a mission to provide a voice for all. From the classroom to the stage, Jahmeelah is part social change agent, part media maverick and part leader of the new school. The St. Croix born and Brampton raised speaker inspires women, men and youth to go beyond their limitations and grab hold of the life that they want. Today, she makes her mark by day as an educator and by evening she is a community advocate encouraging others to live without borders.

Jahmeelah connects audiences through multiple platforms. She has brought her versatile talents to organizations, including: the emcee for TEDx Distillery District Women 2015: Momentum, host of A Voice for All on Rogers TV, lead workshops for educators within the Peel District School Board, facilitated live webinars with a registration of 175-350 participants for Scholar’s Choice, host of the 2015 Health & Wellness and Developmental Disabilities Conference, host of Project Autism fundraising gala and awarded ‘Media Personality of the Year’ at The Abilities Awards.

How are you an Alpha Female?

I don’t think I ever thought of myself as an Alpha female. I think that’s partially because only in the past year, I really discovered who I am, what I’m capable of doing, and what I need to do to get it.

What does your work/life harmony look like for you?

Ha! Harmony… Oh boy, I’ve Been slacking in this department! So at the moment I admit it isn’t exactly ideal but it’s mostly because I’m in the most exciting moment yet of my career. The Universe clearly has been listening to my wishes and allowing me to experience new challenges, meet new people and learn more about myself.

What are you most passionate about?

Ohhh where do I begin! I’m passionate about people. I love connecting people, sharing ideas, and fostering energy (hence my tagline). As an educator, I’m able to channel my passion on a daily basis! Lucky me 🙂

What are you daily health habits that keep your immune system boosted?

I try to juice daily. There’s something about fresh juice that leaves me feeling charged, refreshed and ready to slay my day. One rule I follow is one sweet drink and water for the rest of the day.

What is your weekly fitness routine like?

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday are gym day as long as I don’t skip 😉 I go with my husband to keep each other accountable. If we don’t go to the gym we’ll go for a really long walk.

How do you challenge yourself fitness wise?

I’ve tried Tough Mudder! But I also like sometimes joining other people in group fitness classes. I’m a bit of a fitness snob and only like to do my Zumba class most of the time lol (guilty confession).

What are you daily/weekly nutrition habits that keep you well nourished?

Food is my life. My lunch bag feels like a newborn and it is full of mini meals. Lately I’m addicted to veggie sticks and mini humus. Most people drink coffee to stay awake but I find snacking healthily works best for me.

What are your daily habits for winding down at night and reducing stress?

My husband and I snuggle on the couch and watch our favourite shows. That’s it!

What are some pain points of being an Alpha Female that you have to problem solve for?

The comparison complex. I’m always comparing myself to others and their progress. How many of us are celebrating other women? I’m working with my kid’s daily to celebrate things that cause jealousy so they can see it positively vs. negatively.

What is your definition of happiness?

Being happy, healthy, loved by those you love and successful doing what you were born to do.

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