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Every Friday I am going to feature a woman that I adore. They exude all the qualities of an Alpha Female and I want to dig into their lives to get some nuggets of knowledge to help us all live happier, healthier lives balancing life & work.

Definition of an Alpha Female

An Alpha Female is a powerful and assertive woman. Her confidence is due to being an intelligent and intellectual problem-solver. Being an Alpha Female is a State of Mind based on choosing ambition and being proud of it. She strives for a happy and healthy work/life harmony.

She is the brightest star in her constellation.  When an Alpha Female stays true to their authentic selves and their missions they shine.  An Alpha Female puts herself first so that she can fill up her cup and then have more energy for her friends, family, and coworkers. She strives for synergy with the world around her. She knows that work/life harmony is found by staying true to your priorities and what makes you happy. She is never complacent about striving for better and nurtures relationships with all the people in her life.

Meet Alisha Leytem!

Alisha Leytem is a spiritual wellness & life coach, yoga teacher, essential oil educator and founder of the Zen Babe Tribe – a movement of young women on the path to become more zen, find their purpose, grow spiritually and absorb the tools and wisdom to take their happiness, health, wealth and life to the #nextlevelzen. The Iowa native graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Communications and Entrepreneurship before diving into her spiritual path of yoga, healing work and coaching. Alisha lives in San Diego with her husband and dog and works 1:1 with clients worldwide, teaches yoga & essential oil workshops, and creates digital courses. Join the Zen Babe Tribe for support on your spiritual journey.

  • What do you think of the definition and how are you an Alpha Female?
I love how empowering it feels! I really want to highlight my favorite part that I think really speaks to how I am an alpha female “…is a state of mind based on choosing ambition”.  I believe one of the most important things to success and happiness lies in the decision to do so.  When you decide- FULLY decide that you will have/do/become, and you back it up with your authentic self…you become unstoppable. 
  • What are you most passionate about?
SO many things!  Right now, when it comes to my work and purpose in life – I’m passionate about teaching and helping others learn mindfulness and spiritual tools to live a life they’re completely in love with.  I believe that we all have a divine purpose – and it’s my mission to help you uncover and fulfill it.  I’m passionate about letting life be easy and led with love. 
  • What does work/life harmony look like for you?
To me, work/life harmony is being a state of alignment.  Feeling like I’m flowing in my work day and in my personal time.  When I feel blocked, or like I’m pushing too hard or any sort of resistance, I know that I am not in harmony or balance at all.  I don’t necessarily believe in perfect balance of work/life- there are different seasons for different times of how hard you’ll be working and having a little slower time at work.  Managing those seasons- to me- is the secret.  To not keep your hustle season as the ONLY season you work in.  You will burn out, get out of alignment and feel resistance.  Find the flow of what feels good, make the space and time to take care of yourself daily and do whatever you can to protect your energy!
  • Share with us a time when work/life balance was out of wack? What was your aha moment that taught you it was ok to take care of yourself first?
The last time this happened I was working towards a big biz goal of mine.  I spent almost every minute of my day in front of the computer and started letting my workouts and movement go for the day.  When the launch didn’t go as well as I wanted it too, I was pretty devastated and being really hard on myself.  I realized a huge part of it was that I had stopped taking care of myself and let my energy and vibes lower to the point that it didn’t serve anyone – especially me.  Since then I do my best when I’m coming into a busier work season to set my intention to focus on feeling really good and making my workouts, hikes and cooking time a priority because when I feel good- my energy is better and I attract better things into my life.  It’s also so much easier and FUN!
  • How do you nourish yourself?
Reading spiritual texts, nature, oils, FOOD, positive thinking, detox from screen time and creating space throughout my day. 
  • What is your weekly fitness routine like?
Lately, it’s been about 3-4 days a week of doing a Tone It Up daily workout in my apartment gym, hike at least once a week (usually a big one on the weekend) and practice yoga a couple times a week at home as well.  I try to go for a 30ish minute walk everyday (doesn’t happen everyday though!). 
  • What are your daily habits for winding down at night and reducing stress?
I tend to rotate a lot of my rituals based on the level of stress I’m managing that day, but my nights usually include some form of the following: epsom salt + oil bath, journaling (gratitude, what I value about myself, what I DID do that day, etc.), reading, diffusing oils in my room, and lots of snuggles with my hubby.  I also keep the lights low in my house and try to stay off electronics at least 30 minutes before bed. 
  • What are some pain points of being an Alpha Female that you have to problem solve for?
Perfectionism and lack of self-love.  Feeling like everything I do has to be perfect.   Being afraid of being seen as less than perfect.  Feeling like I am not enough – no matter how much I do.  When we’re on this path of personal development and spiritual growth, it can be so easy to judge ourselves for not being exactly where we think we need to be.  I’ve struggled with this a lot before and still continue to work on it everyday.  When I find that I’m feeling stuck or in the comparison trap, it’s a sure sign to me that I am judging myself and not accepting who I am.  I practice the mantra “I love and accept myself exactly as I am”, as often as I can.  It helps me to release the need to be perfect, be seen and so much more.  
  • What is your definition of happiness?
To me happiness is a choice I make everyday.  It’s choosing to live in a state of positivity, self-love and having a spiritual journey of my own understanding. 

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