Why Alpha Female?

So I feel the need to explain the term Alpha Female. Yesterday I experienced some negative comments on two of my posts. I chose not to approve them and just deleted but it got me thinking. If I have a “hater” so be it, but I never ever want anyone to misunderstand me.

Why do I call myself an Alpha Female?

I was having coffee one day with one of my girls. She out of the blue called me an Alpha Female in reference to all that I do in my life and how I attack goals and dreams. So I adopted this brand personality for myself and my blog. I’d like to think anyone can be an Alpha Female and I started my blog to share my experiences, tips and tricks so that other woman can tackle being an Alpha Female. In no way shape or form do I think I’m better than other women who may not be Alpha Females. I am simply me, going about my life journey and sharing bits about me along the way on this public forum.

My Definition of Alpha Female.

A Woman who attacks a full time career and several passions while finding balance with fitness and healthy nutrition.

I believe that anyone can be an Alpha Female. It has nothing to do with being the leader of the pack or competitive with other women. It’s about being competitive with yourself and striving for better and balance in your life everyday.


7 thoughts on “Why Alpha Female?

  1. I’m glad that the negativity only fueled your fire to be more fantastic!
    Do not let these people get to you. They have misunderstood, or are just jealous that they cannot have the same success and confidence.

    I agree, it takes a lot of be Alpha, but it is that constant goal achieving that only develops us to become stronger women. Congrats at ruffling a few feathers.

  2. Baby .. Haters should just remind you that your doing right, and that there so weak minded that they cant survive or thrive any where near as good as your self…

    Your blogs just rock babe xxxx

  3. For an Alpha Female in the fitness world I would say I look up to Jamie Eason. She is at the top of her game. Sought after by many publications/organizations and is always a strong female role model for those up and coming in the fitness industry. I don’t have an Alpha Female that comes to mind that balances more than one career or at least makes it public so I’m paving my own road.

  4. Would you consider women like Kelly Ripa or Brooke Burke to be Alpha Females? They are mothers, which is most definitely a full-time job, have sucessful careers as well as represent big name companies/their own fitness videos, and are fit beyond imagine, and most likely do charity work as well.

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