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I had the beautiful opportunity to attend a dōTERRA business training event aptly named Align & Thrive this past weekend in Kingston. It was put on by a cross-line team of dōTERRA Wellness Advocates and just showed me yet again why we are a part of such a beautiful business. Where we support other team’s and have a mindset of abundance that as all teams grow, the company grows and we aren’t scared of hoarding knowledge or empowerment it’s just an amazing thing to see and witness.

The event was named Align and Thrive. And since you know I love a good definition let’s dig into these two words and how they can show up for you.

What I love about the definition of Align is the second set part of the definition. This past weekend, we came together in agreement and alliance as part of the same larger network marketing company to learn together. To open our minds and hearts a little more to what we are building solo and together.

What are you apart of that you feel complete alignment with?

When you set out to educate yourself in any way, whether it be for a job, for a career, for your own business, for your health, for your personal development, for a hobby and you go into it with an open mind, an eager brain and take the time to absorb and then implement the learnings into action you can’t not Thrive!

In what aspect of your life are you thriving? Are you flourishing? Are you prospering? How do you share that with others?

And so that’s what we did. We Aligned to a greater purpose of teaching others, of learning ourselves with an open mind and learning new ways to implement in our own lives and businesses ideas and concepts to thrive.

Four words appeared on one speaker’s slides that just jumped out at me.

In my definition of what it means to be an Alpha Female and in the header of my website it states that Alpha Females strive for a happy & healthy work/life harmony so that they can go after all their goals.

I emulate this in my life, in my social media posts, in the podcast I host and how I approach building my network marketing business. I truly believe that when you are happy (you choose happiness) and healthy (you have amazing resources to be healthy) then you can go after all your goals that will bring you to wealth and wholeness as an individual.

This weekend was just so good.

I had a beautiful opportunity to road trip with one of my front line leaders, Shannon. We had an uplifting conversation in the car on the way there and back, an amazing breakfast at Northside Espresso and spent the day learning.

I got a chance to sneak off at lunch and hand deliver our wedding invitation to my 98-year-old grandmother and hug my enroller. If she hadn’t sent me a sample 4 years ago and hadn’t followed up with me consistently for 2 years until I said yes to her in 2016, I would never have had this opportunity.  So every time I hug her in gratitude it’s so much more than just a hi it’s nice to see you. It’s a hug of immense gratitude for the opportunity that I’m building daily.

Are you Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Whole?

If you can’t answer YES the minute you read those words, I’d love to chat about how you can uplevel your life in any of those 4 ways. I’m always just an email away.

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