Winter Bucket List: Adventures in Snowshoeing!

Im officially a bad blogger! No updates this week! Shame shame shame. It’s been of a bit of crazy weekend and week with life and work so my apologies if you were randomly checking the site and going “Where is she?” but you probably weren’t so thanks for visiting today! LOL

Last Saturday I checked another item off my Winter Bucket List! I went snowshoeing in Barrie with my love Michelle, her Dad and her brother’s puppy Baby Buck.

Michelle rented me snowshoes from MEC for $12 for the day! Great deal while I rented a zipcar and got myself up to Barrie. It has just started snowing so the drive north wasn’t too bad. We took the standard loving life face that I’m becoming known for on Instagram. It even has a hashtag: #theface. I had to convince Michelle to do the face with me! 🙂


The adventure in Barrie was super fun. We let Michelle’s Dad lead us all over the forest. He brought a little extreme snowshoeing into our lives getting us to cross a river on a pretty thin log. There were much bigger options which I pointed out but to no avail. We however survived (I’m not dramatic) and we all stayed dry except for Baby Buck who wanted to go swimming.


We basically held onto one end of Dad’s ski pole and he helped us across until we could jump and grab for the tree. Luckily I was the one with the phone so no photo of my escapade was captured. Sorry Michelle 🙂


Baby Buck was so hyper in the car but the minute we got outside he would barely leave our sides. He was such a good boy and look at that excited face full of snow. Every time I bent down to drink snow (I was a tad dehydrated from morning hot yoga) his nose would be in my face. I didn’t mind one bit! lol

20140205-063731.jpgThe last hill of the day was a bit of a doozy. I definitely overdressed and was sweating profusely. We were in pretty deep snow so I could’ve worn winter run gear and been ok with the cold.


I highly recommend renting snowshoes from MEC this winter and getting out on the trails at least once this winter!! It’s a great friend, date idea or family activity to get you active on the weekend.

Standard I LOVE LIFE picture for Instagram 🙂


One thought on “Winter Bucket List: Adventures in Snowshoeing!

  1. LOL just reading this now! great recap on our fun snow shoeing adventure! looking forward to this weekend where you will introduce me to alpha training #lordhavemercy

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