Adventures in Prague, Czech Republic

Another city, another country, another stop on the whirlwind European honeymoon! We were so excited about Prague after a ho-hum trip to Berlin and loved exploring this city in the Czech Republic.

Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge, Prague

Things To See:

  • Charles Bridge (Where it says Good Food on the below map) – is the most popular tourist attraction in the city. Jammed with pedestrians it’s easier to walk on it early in the day or later at night. 
  • Prague Castle (Top Left of Map) – Changing of the Guard: Mike’s only request in Prague was to see the changing of the guard. We went around 11 am to Hradcany Square to see how busy it was for the changing of the guard at 12 pm. I ended up with a great vantage point right against the gate and grabbed a video for Mike to watch later.  
  • Old Town Square – Astronomical Clock: It was unfortunately under repair while we were in Prague so we can only imagine its grandeur. There were a ton of crowds here but we loved watching the buskers and walking through the square to see them. 
  • Dancing House – cool building to take photos off
  • Lennon Wall – cool wall of graffiti to take a photo for Instagram in front of 🙂 
  • Museum of Torture – we decided to check it out and it was actually fascinating but quite morbid. We as a human race are really quite savage. 
Prague Attractions Map
Charles Bridge
Selfie in front of Charles Bridge
Old Town Square
Old Town Square
Mike & Czech Guards
Mike & Czech Guards
St. Vitus Cathedral
John Lennon Wall
John Lennon Wall
Dancing House
Dancing House
Stairs to Hradcany Square, Prague
Stairs to Hradcany Square, Prague

Where We Stayed:

Prague AirBnB

Our AirBnB: It was perfectly located for walking around the city. Although the street was a tad noisy at night we were able to drown it out with the fan in the apartment. We got really excited about the fan since we arrived and it was still a bit of a heat wave which went away while we were there thankfully. Really spacious apartment, comfy bed, ample bathroom space and a washer/dryer we used to clean our capsule wardrobes. 

Where We Ate:

Food in Prague was amazing! I was able to find real gems that I could eat at and I even got a little laxed with my meals and allowed myself a few foods filled with gluten and dairy. Armed with digestive enzymes and a good mindset I thankfully didn’t have any digestive reactions but definitely felt a bit sluggish, slow and swollen. 

Prague Food Map


  • IF Cafe (Middle of the Map) – we were starving our first morning and popped into the first cafe we could find. Most don’t open until 10 on weekends. Good food, great coffee and a ton of desserts for the sweeth tooth. 
  • MamaCoffee (Below IF Cafe) – while the coffee was good here the food was meh and I can’t even remember what I ordered. 
  • Cafe Louvre (Left of IF Cafe) – good coffee and ok food, nothing too impressive. 


  • Hlávkūv dvūr (Middle of the Map) – we ate here twice it was so good
  • Pizza Nuova – I searched online for gluten-free pizza and this place popped up. When we got there it was only gluten-free pasta. In a leap of faith, I ordered a good old pizza. Took my digestive enzymes, ate slowly, didn’t stress over it and enjoyed eating lunch with my partner in crime. While I didn’t feel amazing afterward, I didn’t have any digestive adverse reactions and that was amazing. While I am going to still choose not to eat gluten & dairy I know I can eat it over here without running to the washroom. 
Havlek Dvur
Havlek Dvur


  • BakeShop (Not on Map, Above the Prague Astronomical Clock) – they had 2 different gluten-free cookies and an organic lemonade that I had for snack
  • Good Food Coffee & Bakery (Top Left) – while googling gluten-free chimney cakes (which we saw everyone eating) I found this listing, right by Charles Bridge in the middle of the tourist area but sooo worth it! 
  • Coco Van on the Road (On the Island in the Middle of the River) – we randomly came across this van while trying to get a good picture of the Charles Bridge from the middle of the river. We came back the next day to sit in the park and sip on their coconut iced coffee!
  • Places we grabbed Vegan Ice Cream or Sorbet – Creme de la Creme & Angelato
Good Food Coffee & Bakery
Good Food Coffee & Bakery
Chimney Cake
Chimney Cake
Coco Van
Coco Van
Coconut Coffee - Coco Van
Coconut Iced Coffee – Coco Van on the Road


  • Lavande (Bottom Left of Map) – I found this while searching for gluten-free options and their pasta didn’t disappoint, while it was definitely gluten-free pasta it was nice to be able to order a pasta dish! Mike ordered the chicken dish and I had shrimp spaghetti
  • Svejk Restaurant U Karla (Left of Map) – They had a great list of allergens on the menu so I could easily see what was gluten free. Mike had a massive Pork Schnitzel and I had grilled meat with fries. 
  • Restaurace Bellevue (Top Left) – We treated ourselves to a fancy dinner with white tableclothes. A glass of Prosecco for me to start the meal, Whiskey Sours for my husband and the Chef’s Menu for Mike and White Tuna starter and Trout for me. 
Dinner at Lavande
Gluten-Free Pasta – Lavande
Pork Schnitzel - Svejk U Karla
Pork Schnitzel – Svejk U Karla
Trout Restaurace Bellevue
Trout – Restaurace Bellevue
Grilled Chicken, Steak & Pork - Svejk U Karla
Grilled Meat – Svejk U Karla

Enjoy your trip to Prague if you found this blog while planning what to do in the city. 

Charles Bridge at Night

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