Adventures in Munich, Germany

We’re still going strong. Another city, but this time back to Germany for adventures in Munich!

Munich, Germany

Things To See:

  • Dachau Memorial Site: We decided while planning the trip that we wanted to see the concentration camp memorial sites and we decided to do Auschwitz & Dachau. It was fascinating to learn the history behind the very first concentration camp and tour the haunted grounds. 
  • Marienplatz: Main square, cool tourist shots
  • Englischer Gardens (English Gardens) + River Surfing at Eisbachwelle: We loved walking through the gardens and stood to watch the river surfers for quite a while. 
  • Neuschwanstein Castle – I booked us a day trip to see the castle and after a 2-hour bus ride south to the Bavarian Alps we hiked up a hill to see the castle Sleeping Beauty was modeled after. We had an amazing tour guide and learned lots about the region and the history of the king who built it. 
  • Paragliding – if you have good weather (which we, unfortunately, didn’t and it was canceled *pout face*)
  • Olympic Park Roof Walk & Zipline – if you have good weather (which again we did not and opted out of it)
  • BMW Museum – super cool. I’m glad we took the train up to the Olympic Park and then backed out of ziplining to walk around the museum. 

Dachau Memorial Site

Dachau Memorial
Dachau Main Courtyard
Dachau Main Courtyard
Dachau Entrance
Dachau Main Gate
Dachau Main Courtyard
Dachau Ashes
Ashes of the Unknown Prisoners

The City

BMW Museum
BMW Museum

The Country

Neuschwanstein Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle

Where We Stayed:

Our AirBnB: This has by far been my favourite since we started our trip. The host met us out front of the building, showed us to his apartment, explain where the washer was and showed us that he left us 2 cola-type drinks, 2 beers and 2 bottles of water for us. Such an amazing hospitality touch. The bed has been the comfiest, however, I swear Europeans have the worst pillows. We laughed because a lady once told me the secret to a happy marriage is to have single comforters on a big bed. Then you never have to fight for the sheets 🙂 We had exactly that. 

Where We Ate:

We basically stuck to two neighbourhoods. Our AirBnB was just below the main square and had some great coffee and food places around it so we ate breakfast and a few dinners there and then I found a ton of cool places up in Maxvoorstadt so we took the subway up there for lunches, dinners and vegan ice cream. 

Breakfast or Coffee

  • Man vs. Machine (First Map Bottom Left) – amazing coffee and a pastry that tasted like apple strudel
  • Aroma Kaffeebar (First Map below Man vs. Machine) – amazing coffee and we had muesli here one more for breakfast
  • California Bean (Not on Map – Near Main Train Station) – alright breakfast but nothing too amazing
Man vs. Machine
Man vs. Machine
Aroma Kaffeebar
Aroma Kaffeebar
California Bean
Avocado Toast – California Bean


  • Aloha Poke (Second Map Top Left) – hands down the best poke bowl I’ve ever had in life it was so good we almost went back every day
  • Pizzesco (First Map Blue Dot on the Right under Cultural Center) – google told me I could find gluten-free pizza here but that was a lie. It’s a great place where you order your slices from the counter. 
  • BMW Museum – Bavarie (Not on Map – Higher Up) – absolutely amazing food and we tried Rhubarb Spritz’s here that hands down put Aperol Spritz’s to shame. 
Aloha Poke
Tuna/Salmon, Wild Rice, Edamame, Mango, Seaweed, Pickled Ginger – Aloha Poke
Smoked Salmon, Potato Pancakes, Beets – Bavarie


  • Pescheria (First Map Bottom Middle) – We got this suggestion from my friend Daniella and it happened to be across the street from our AirBnB. I had eaten so much red meat on the trip so far that this was a perfect fish meal. I had mackerel to start and then a Loup de Mer for my main
  • Cordo Bar (First Map Bottom) – Tried out a local Spanish Tapas bar. It was ok but nothing to write home about.
  • Katopazzo (Second Map Top) – Hands down almost as amazing as Aloha Poke. We had amazing warm bowls here and the vibe was perfect. The owner even wrote down mountains we should drive to if our paragliding was canceled the next day. 
  • Gratitude Restaurant (Second Map Top Left) – Really fancy vegan restaurant while we devoured the hummus as an appetizer and asked for more bread to clean the bowl my main was kinda gross and had way too many nightshades for my stomach to handle. 
Cordo Bar
Aperol Spritz – Cordo Bar
Honolulu Bowl – Katopazzo
Gratitude Restaurant
Watermelon Steak – Gratitude Restaurant


  • Bar Centrale (First Map Middle) – We stopped hear for Aperol Spritz’s and enjoyed the bar’s cosy vibes. 

Last but not least, if you are looking for vegan ice cream head up to Ice Date in Maxvoorstadt. I’m obsessed with the Coffee Break flavour and got it 2 days in a row! 

Ice Date
Vegan Ice Cream – Ice Date

Munich was hands down one of the best places we visited on this honeymoon. I can’t say enough amazing things about this city. 

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