Christmas came early in the Baldwin household. I got a 6 Pack Bag to play with. In other words it’s a fitness fanatics replacement for the $10 Canadian Tire cooler or a really large lunch bag.

I first saw them at the Olympia in Vegas this September. They have 2 models. One that fits 6 meals and one that fits 3 meals. Both have side compartments for water bottles, protein shakers, fruit and other knick knacks. I actually replaced my purse with the bag as my wallet fits in one of the compartments!!

I have the smaller version which is perfect for the day. I eat meal 1 at home, then meal 2 is a shake stored in the side compartment. Meal 3, 4 and 5 fit in the three middle containers. I can fit a small tupperware of homemade granola in the side plus a waterbottle, my umbrella and my wallet. The top portion zippers open and reveals a compartment tray. Right now I’m storing lipgloss, tea bags, coldbuster shots and my vitamins in there. Along the two sides are the ice packs. You soaked them in water and then pop em in the freezer. Because I have a fridge at work I haven’t tried them out yet. Instead I’m storing my food diary down the side! lol

I was having a hard time finding them in Canada as I wasn’t sure which retailer was carrying them. After speaking with the distribution company there is such an easy way to find out which store closest to you is actually in stock with bags. Perfect for this time of year as holiday shopping needs to be precise to avoid frustration.

In Canada, simply go to and type in your postal code. Search for the 6 Pack Bag size that you want and voila! A list of closests stores pop up in your browser.

Happy Shopping!

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