50 (Maybe 25) Book Challenge – The First 25

After following in awe of my friend Catriona as she read through 50 books this year I was inspired to do my own challenge in 2013. I tend to read a lot as I have an hour commute by subway twice a day. Otherwise I wouldn’t get the chance to read nearly as often.

I figured one book a week can’t be that crazy. I don’t want reading to become a chore though so I was a bit hesitant to commit to 50. But I always do everything with full force so I reached a bit of a compromise. Since I’m slightly OCD I thought I should plan out all 50 books for the next year. Once I got to 25 I stopped though. I will plan 25 and let 25 come to me through recommendations and what’s hot… Here’s to a year of reading!

So I’m officially going to read 25 and unofficially another 25 if I can 🙂

I used the website Goodreads.com to plan this out!

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