50 Book Challenge: #6 Inside


From the Chapters Website:

When Grace, a highly competent and devoted therapist in Montreal, stumbles across a man in the snowy woods who has failed to hang himself, her instinct to help immediately kicks in. Before long, however, she realizes that her feelings for this charismatic, extremely guarded stranger are far from straightforward.

At the same time, her troubled teenage patient, Annie, runs away and soon will reinvent herself in New York as an aspiring and ruthless actress, as unencumbered as humanly possible by any personal attachments. And Mitch, Grace”s ex-husband, a therapist as well, leaves the woman he”s desperately in love with to attend to a struggling native community in the bleak Arctic. We follow these four compelling, complex characters from Montreal and New York to Hollywood and Rwanda, each of them with a consciousness that is utterly distinct and urgently convincing. With a razor-sharp emotional intelligence, Inside poignantly explores the manifold dangers and imperatives of making ourselves available to, and indeed responsible for, those dearest to us.

I read this book in a week on the subway and then dove right in and finished it on the plane to Mexico for a fitness retreat. This book was difficult for me. Mental illness and being/feeling responsible for other’s lives really hit home and I definitely had to wipe away tears on the plane so no one would ask why I was being emotional. I loved Alix’s way of writing and didn’t even realize that the 3 characters lives were so interwoven. I’m slow that way sometimes with books. I liked that the book took place in Montreal and New York and LA. Three of my favourite cities! I highly recommend this book but definitely warn of book hangover.

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