50 Book Challenge: #37 Joy and Love

What kobo.com says:

Joy & Love is the new personal and world development classic. The idea is to maximize joy in your life, and love in the world. It masterly breaks down how to achieve both those goals, using one formula. Apply the formula to the 6 elements in your life: Spirituality, Health, Knowledge, Character, Wealth, and Relationships. As you increase personal joy in your life you will be able to transcend it to increase compassion for humanity, compassion for the environment and ultimately achieve the thought provoking mystery – Heaven on earth


What I say: This book meant a lot to me to read it. I consider John a great friend. He was my real estate investor when I purchased my condo almost 6 years ago and he’s stayed a positive motivating person in my life. I think the message and the hope of this book is amazing. I did have a bit of problems with the writing and I think he tried to accomplish too much in one book but the message is there. The steps to take to have joy & shine love in your life are all in this book. There is quite a lot of information and it covers so many aspects of your life that the book could be overwhelming. Your perception of the book will totally depend on where you’re at in your life. I myself have gone through a year and a half of finding joy in my life so I have taken the majority of these steps to better my life. It’s always a good reminder to know what is important for yourself even if you already do it. What I will say is reading the first chapter caused tears to rush to my eyes. John shares a part of himself that will hopefully touch others. We have parallel paths in life and it brought back memories of toughness. I truly hope you pick up this book, support John and the amazing person that he is, who simply wants the world to love more.

2 thoughts on “50 Book Challenge: #37 Joy and Love

  1. Hi Robyn,

    I’m grateful for your review, thank you. You have been a great friend from the day I met you. You have a genuine, beautiful soul.

    I’m glad you have already taken steps in the past year and a half to find joy in your life. Hopefully this book validated some of the thoughts you already have, and hopefully generated new ideas. I’m sure as you read this book you quickly found out that it’s not just about my life, or yours, it’s also about transcending joy and making the world a better place. That thought alone can be overwhelming, I know. I feel too many personal development books ends with self, when really we are all connected to a greater whole. You are absolutely right when you say all I want is the world to love more. Joy & Love covers all aspects on how we can do that best.

    Much success to you and I hope you bundle up on this chilly day in December!

    Joy & Love to you,


  2. I recently just finished reading Joy and Love myself. I definitely agree that the message of the book and the hope it brings is amazing. I too felt an emotional connection to the first chapter and could sense the vulnerability of his words and the hardships he went through. I think this book really inspires you and encourages you to look deep within yourself to be a better person and to do more towards others and the world around you!
    He does touch on many aspects of this, but it is quite simple to follow and understand. The steps to find joy, happiness and internal love surround us in our everyday life. I found the book to be well written with powerful insight, wisdom and a clear beautiful message. I too have followed most of these steps to get myself to the place I am now where I can say that I am truly happy with my life. This book did however empower me to keep pushing myself to not only continue to live my best life possible but also to give back to others so the joy can be spread!

    Thanks John for writing such a beautiful, honest and insightful book full of knowledge and life lessons! I truly enjoyed reading Joy and Love and would recommend it to anyone! xoxo

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