50 Book Challenge: #25 Back In The Game

What kobo.com says:

From bestselling author Holly Chamberlin comes a heartfelt novel of love, marriage, and one woman’s search for what comes next. . .

Jess Marlowe always sensed her marriage had a limited run. So when a reckless mistake ended it, she was hardly shocked. But since her divorce became final, the surprises have been coming fast and furious. It seems no one in Jess’s life is having an easy time adjusting to her newly single status. Most disturbing of all, Jess has no regrets. She knows nobody promised relationships lasted forever. But now she wonders if it’s ever right to promise anyone anything. Yet despite Jess’s resolve to act with her head from now on, she just may have to accept that the heart has a say of its own. . .

20130809-142600.jpgWhat I say: I should’ve put this book down when I picked it up. I thoroughly did not enjoy it. I can’t put down books by principal, it’s a weird thing. So I powered through the book on the plane on the way to Vancouver for SeaWheeze. Let me just say divorce is a messy messy world and no one should have to go through it. The book explored the pain, the bitterness, the awkwardness of getting back into the dating game, etc. It was yucky for me. I will say that there are several happy or good/realistic endings for the women in the book so sticking through it was ok but I wouldn’t recommend this one. Blah! On to the next one.

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