50 Book Challenge: #17 Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

What Kobo.com says: When Jenny Lawson was little, all she ever wanted was to fit in. That dream was cut short by her fantastically unbalanced father and a morbidly eccentric childhood. It did, however, open up an opportunity for Lawson to find the humor in the strange shame-spiral that is her life, and we are all the better for it.

In the irreverent Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, Lawson’s long-suffering husband and sweet daughter help her uncover the surprising discovery that the most terribly human moments—the ones we want to pretend never happened—are the very same moments that make us the people we are today. For every intellectual misfit who thought they were the only ones to think the things that Lawson dares to say out loud, this is a poignant and hysterical look at the dark, disturbing, yet wonderful moments of our lives.


What I say: This book is burst out loud laughing funny and had me in stitches of laughter while I read it on the subway. Which is very appropriate as people wondered if I was crazy or not. I don’t know if it means I’m a little bit messed up inside that I found so many of the stories funny. But I loved the weirdness of it. I loved the crazy but loving relationship that she has with her husband. I loved the chapter about Beyonce, conversations about Zombies (if you know my obsession with The Walking Dead you’ll understand) and the Pirate Alligator. I loved her weirdness but laid backness. Read, LOL or LMAO and enjoy!

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