36 Acts of Flowers

Happy Birthday to Me!

Ever since I turned 31 I’ve had a tradition of filling my birthday with Random of Acts of Love. I decided I never wanted my birthday to be based on other people making my day amazing so I set out to plan acts of kindness to add up to my age. In the process of doing “nice” things for others, you simply can’t have a “bad” day and thus became my birthday tradition. It was really hard to execute 30+ acts all on my own so I decided to ask my social media world to help. I would do 10 and then I’d ask 20+ people to do one act of kindness in my honor.

This year, I’m simply calling it 36 Flowers.

36 Acts of Flowers

Over the years, it’s started to feel like a fundraiser. I had to start “recruiting” the week before, talk endlessly about my birthday and the project and basically, it felt like I was starting to beg people to do a random act of kindness in my honor instead of an ask. So last year I stopped. I purchased 35 carnations and took them to my local retirement home and made 35 ladies smile 🙂 And that was everything for me.

I even asked people on the blog last year if they’d do an act in my honor and let me know about it and it was fairly crickets so I’ll share it out there in the world but I’ve stopped counting if the acts of kindness from my community add up to my age 🙂 No expectations lead to no disappointment.

If you’re curious about what was done in past year’s here are all the blog posts for you to peruse. It truly was a fun traditions.

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As for me, I’m off to pick up carnations at the flower wholesaler on my lunch with my wedding florist and then Mike and I will head over to the local retirement home after I’m done work.

It will be perfectly amazing!

Have an amazing Monday and if you do, do an act of kindness I really would love to hear about it and share in smiling with you!

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