#35actsoflove Non Round Up

This year’s birthday celebrations were different than years before and I think I’m done asking for acts of love in my honour every year.

Not trying to be dramatic, just working out my thoughts via the blog. So, let me explain…

I’ve always been really excited to announce on social media and the blog that it’s my birthday and I’m organizing acts of love. From 31 years of age to 33 it was 3 years of begging (asking) my social media community to do an act of kindness on my behalf. I would post and tag people and everyone would rally and do an act of kindness in my honour as my “present” for the day.

At 34 years of age, I didn’t feel good about asking people to do an act of kindness because it felt like a chore and I was relying on others to make the day amazing which goes against the reason why I started this in the first place. So I asked Mike (my boyfriend) to execute 34 acts of kindness with me! We pulled it off. My heart was so full that day and so utterly exhausted. We vowed to only do one at 35 and go back to asking my social media world to help! So I was hoping at least 34 people in my online world would do one, I would do one and then it would add up to 35.

This year I posted the blog announcement last Wednesday, a few social media posts and then Sunday came along. Facebook wall message after Facebook wall message poured in. From people who I barely speak to, to great friends. Many posted their act of kindness and many others with the standard HBD. I even posted on my wall that I would much rather someone go out and do something kind instead of taking those 2 seconds to use FB functionality to simply send me a generic wall message.

So this morning as I got ready for my 8:30 am EST morning intention setting on Periscope & Facebook Live where I hang out daily, I realized that instead of feeling sad for feeling like I had to beg for acts of kindness I can be fully and utterly grateful for the simple acts I did and the amazing and lovely people who went out of their way to celebrate with me and do good in the world yesterday.

I think the reason why I’m sad is that if I tally up all the acts it won’t add up to my age and thus the achievement didn’t happen and then my expectations may be let down. Instead, if you’re curious I know there are a couple of shots on Instagram, a few tags on Facebook and posts on my wall. I do know that many coffees were purchased for people behind them in line, food was provided to homeless people, dog food was donated to humane societies and flowers were handed out at grocery stores and I personally handed out 35 carnations at a local Ottawa retirement home.

I walked out of the retirement home flooded with love. The smiles that burst onto those ladies face when they get handed a simple flower is everything to me and I’m so glad I could brighten their day and mine.  This is my favourite act of kindness on my birthday and I’ll see many of these beautiful ladies next year 🙂

I realized this event had become me relying on others to make my day amazing and that is exactly what I didn’t want to happen so I’m pulling back. No #36actsoflove next year. Just more flowers at a local retirement home and smiles shared with lovely ladies and gents.

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