34 Acts of Love

It’s that time of year again! It’s my birthday on Saturday,  July 16 and I couldn’t be more excited! For the past three years I’ve celebrated by doing planned acts of love. Because my birthday has previously fallen on a weekday I usually manage to do around 10 acts myself and rally my friends, family & social media community to do one act of love in my honour so that all the acts combined add up to my age!

Here’s how 33 turned out. This year I’m turning 34 on Saturday. Since my birthday falls on a weekend, my boyfriend, Mike and I are going to attempt to do all 34 acts together!

Of course I’d still love if you commit an act of kindness in my honour and bring a little bit more love into the world this weekend. If you feel like documenting it please share it on social media with the hashtag #34actsoflove & #randomactsofkindness.

34 Acts of Love

Here are 24 acts we’re going to try and commit. Mike told me that he planned 10 surprises ones so I only had to come up with 24.

  1. Buy coffee for someone in line behind me
  2. Buy granola bars for the homeless
  3. Bring clothes to a homeless shelter
  4. Put motivational quotes on cars
  5. Buy flowers and hand out to ladies
  6. Help a senior put their grocery bags in their car
  7. Return grocery carts to their huts
  8. Bring flowers to a retirement home
  9. Write thank you cards for local firemen & policemen
  10. Free hugs
  11. Hand out $5 Kobo gift cards
  12. Looney on a vending machine
  13. Looney on parking meters
  14. Walk dogs at the Humane Society
  15. Bring healthy muffins to the staff at the Humane Society
  16. Get well cards to sick kids at CHEO
  17. Gift certificates for coffee to nurses
  18. Colouring books for kids at a park
  19. Mike is going to donate blood in my honour
  20. Pick up garbage on the parkway
  21. High five runners on the parkway
  22. Drop of canned goods to food bank
  23. Mow a neighbour’s lawn
  24. Bake desserts for neighbours

+ 10 Secrets Ones Mike Apparently Has Planned for Us

Stay tuned for an update of how the day went next week!

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