#33ActsofLove Round Up

33 Acts of Love

My birthday came and went. I’m one year older, a little bit wiser, a little bit sillier but so well-loved and was hopefully able to spread some love around yesterday that made the world just a little happier and more kind.

Here are all the acts that I was able to do and were done as bday gifts!

1. I handed out 10 thank you cards to coworkers before they came into the office.

Thank You Cards

2. I put happy quotes on cars all over Liberty Village


3. I bought the lady behind me at Balzac’s her tea this morning. She asked me why, so I told her and asked her to pass along the love later in the day. She had such a wide smile spread across her face it was lovely!


4. I handed out some Kobo gift cards to people reading at lunch and on the subway yesterday on my way home. I’m a bit of a nerd about it I wait until the subway door is almost open. I tap the person who’s reading and say “I work for Kobo and I wanted to say thank you for reading! Here’s a gift card!” and then I run off the subway. Doing kind acts makes me a bit shy but hey continuously pushing those comfort zones!

Kobo Gift Cards

5. I bought yellow Gerber Daisies and handed them out to ladies in my work neighbourhood. I gave one to a little girl and she exclaims “wow” with so much wonder it made my heart leap!

Yellow Gerbers

6. I roped two coworkers into walking down to hand out water bottles to cops at the Pan Am street blockade near Exhibition Place. The cop goes “why are you doing this?” When I responded “because it’s my birthday” he exclaimed “there really are nice people in the world”


7. I bought cupcakes for my teammates at Alpha


 8. I gave granola bars to the homeless man at the Gardiner Jarvis exit

Granola Bars

9. My favourite social media story from this week came on Tuesday when I contacted Canadian Blood Services and asked if I could donate. Unfortunately, because there is no known cause for MS they cannot accept mine. So I tweeted asking someone to donate on my behalf and within a minute Laura in Calgary had made an appointment for yesterday. She made me happy and cry so hard.


10. Bessie one of my coworkers was already scheduled to donate blood on the morning of my birthday. After seeing the social posts of Laura offering to donate in my honour it was lovely to hear another donation would be made for my birthday!

Bessie Donating Blood

11. Amalia and her coworkers bought a 14-year-old girl stuff for camp with a little spending money.


12: Erin gave a skipping rope to one of her clients!

13. Kyla bought a Starbucks gift card for a lucky recipient. She’s been celebrating with me for three years but can’t quite seem to get the hashtag right 😉 LOL LOVE YOU KYLA


14. Chelsea made homemade carrot cake balls for co-workers at the gym

15. Nelson bought someone lunch and gave away a free PT session

16. Our CMO at Kobo bought a homeless man named Herc shoes while he was away on business. I got a selfie of Herc to say thank you!


17. Cody offered to donate blood on my behalf as well! The best part is he wore a pin!


18. John handed out Kind Bars with $10 Subway cards to three lucky people!

Subway Cards

19. Nicole paid for someone’s coffee order behind her at Tim Horton’s!

20. Corwin gave a thank you note to the cook at Rogers in Brampton!

21. Axel bought someone a coffee at Starbucks


22. Another tear-jerker cam3 from Sue. She’s also an MS Warrior and was introduced to me when I was diagnosed. She posted the kindest words. She had an MRI check-up this week and so she bought a teddy bear for someone in need of some cheer at the hospital


23. Kaella bought coffee for someone in line behind her & donated a bag to Goodwill

24, 25, 26, 27 & 28 Emily went all out. She trained a client for free, donated to a dog rescue center, tied doggie poo bags in the dog park, made lunch for the guy who collects change at Carlaw and Lakeshore and brought Vegan treats to the BoneHouse staff.


29. Michael delivered popsicles to a kid’s tennis camp

30. Melanie brought bagels in for all her co-workers for breakfast

31. Krysten bought someone Starbucks

32. The Gavito Sisters were approached by someone asking to buy them coffee so they obliged!

Gavito Sisters

33. Alyssa brought leftover food from a photo shoot to a homeless shelter

34. Athena stopped randomly to help an elderly lady change a tire. I still don’t know how to do this for myself so it’s amazing she was able to help someone else!

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 7.12.00 AM

35. Clifton helped give away goodies at BlackToe running!


36. Annie made breakfast in bed for her husband and heart-shaped french toast for her 3 kids! What a lovely way to start the day!


37. My girl Aubrie helped by supplying a new coffee grinder and kitchen utensils, for a community effort in Leslieville to provide a recently re-homed older gentleman with a new start on life. A big bag of coffee and kitchen cheer if you may, to a well-deserving man on a new start in life.

38. Barb donated to Plan Canada on my behalf!

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 2.17.33 PM

39. Karen bought flowers for her next-door neighbour!

I know there were many other acts that went on without being posted on social so thank you for helping me celebrate in so many different ways! Comment below if you’d like to share how you gave away some love yesterday! Thank you for making me feel so loved.

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