#31actsoflove Round Up

Needless to say I’m feeling extremely grateful and blessed for everyone who took part in my birthday wish!

31 Acts of Love
31 Acts of Love

Here are the Acts of Love I was able to accomplish myself!

1. Bought coffee for the girl in line behind me at Starbucks in the morning. Her smile was priceless and she said “Really?” I responded really and she just walked away. Hoping she paid it forward later! The cashier said. One time someone did that and people just kept paying for the person behind them. I didn’t inspire a chain reaction 🙂

2. Took 5 puzzle games for patients and 5 Starbucks Gift Cards for nurses to Sick Kid’s Hospital.

3. Wrote a thank you note and handed it to the TTC streetcar driver on my way home. She look hesitant to take it so I announced! It’s my birthday and I wanted to do something nice for you! I sounded a bit too eager. Oh well! lol But she took it and smiled. I have no idea why I was so super nervous to do that one.


4. Printed out Happiness Quotes and stuck them on the windshield of 6 cars on way to the mall. I was really hoping that people read them instead of throwing them on the ground.


5. Bought Gerber Daisies at the Grocery Store. Handed 2 to the employees at David’s Tea Bayview Village. One employee announced that no one has ever bought her flowers so that made me smile. Then I handed the remaining three to a grandmother, mom and daughter who were walking through the mall. They look so confused but I said “have an amazing day!” and walked away.

6. I bought an iced tea at David’s Tea and brought it back to the concierge at my building. He’s new so I introduced myself and told him that I hoped he was keeping cool in the heat and hoped the iced tea would help!


7. A friend that I no longer speak with sent me an email wishing me a happy birthday. I miss her incredibly in my life so I’m going to take the time this week to write her a long email today (so rarely done anymore). Even in this day and age email is lost. Her reaching out to me was an act of love that I really needed so I’m glad she did.

I was only able to do 7 acts myself but my friends & family (in real life and social media pulled together and wowed me). I felt so loved and honoured that people wanted to participate.

My Mom baked muffins and took a fan over to a friend of hers that has no air conditioning.

When my Dad returns to work next week (had an operation recently) he has something planned for his coworkers. But won’t tell me until it happens! lol

My online friend Scott put quarters in empty parking meters.


My online friend Alan put happiness quotes on cars.


My friend Michelle wrote encouraging notes for co-workers.


My friends Jess, Morgan & Kyla and blog reader Christopher bought coffee for someone behind them in line.


My friends Laura, Sam and Kate and a new Instagram friend Krishna bought lunch or dinner for people.


My friend Krysten brought freezies for her run group.


My friend Aubrie wrote hand written letters to people in her life.

My friend Heather bought a package of new socks for her spin class last week the day of the crazy rain.

My friend Kat is sending over donations to Sick Kid’s Hospital

My friend Christina took her grandmother grocery shopping.


My friend Eva surprised a friend with a frozen yogurt date.


A blog reader Paul offered to take his neighbours garbage out

My trainer Amer bought someone a drink and announced it was for my birthday. This made me laugh as the person probably thought he was crazy.

My friend Shannon was there for someone who needed a shoulder.

An Instagram friend shared love notes with her friend.


My friend Jessica & Bry reached out to people with words of love that they don’t do often.

Andre, otherwise known as The Man (in my social media mentions of my boyfriend) carried something heavy down to his elderly neighbours basement.

Thank you for the 26 acts that you told me about! I don’t know if I got them all… I have two other friends who are ridiculously generous all the time so they said they always do little things but nothing instagramable which made me laugh. So technically I guess I’m 35 in love acts 🙂



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