31 Acts of Love

I was perusing through Pinterest one day and found an amazing image (the one below) that led me to this blog post.

38th Bday

First things first – WE SHARE A NAME!! Ok I was a bit too excited about that. Second of all I was in happy tears reading her post. This is the most selfless and amazing thing someone can do on their birthday. In a world where way too much pressure is put on having an amazing day, I just simply love this idea. No getting drunk. No monetary gifts for me. Just giving of oneself.

The reason why I really want to do it on my 31st birthday is because I turned 30 last year and it was not good. It was supposed to be a big year for me. THE BIG 3.0. I can’t help but reflect back. I turned the big number then ran Warrior Dash with my girls a couple days later. I took myself out of my comfort zone and felt so accomplished and then a couple days after that I was calling off my wedding a month before the big day. My 30th birthday marked a time that was not good and everything that it was NOT supposed to be. So this year. At the beginning of my 31st birthday month I am planning the best gift to myself that I could think of. I want to give away 31 acts of love. In the other Robyn’s blog post she calls them random acts of kindness but they were pre-planned with love. So I’m calling my birthday this year 31 acts of love.

My birthday is July 16 so it falls on a Tuesday this year. I know that I can’t complete 31 acts all by myself and work full time so I’m asking for help from my family and friends. The below list is 10 things that I’m going to do personally on my birthday. I now need 21 people in my life to join in and come up with one act of love to do on my birthday. From the social media realm to in real life friends to family I would love for you to commit to one act of love on my bday. Will you spread love to someone who may need it that day?

Please comment on the blog post on what you’d like to do! Then on July 16th we’ll celebrate by giving love and sharing it on Instagram (#31actsoflove). Are you in?

31 Acts of Love

Robyn’s 10 Acts of Love

1. Pay for 5 people’s orders at Starbucks in the morning.

2. Hand written thank you notes to every street car or subway employee I see that day.

3. Take a bag of fitness gear to the women’s shelter.

4. Offer to carry grocery bags for elderly people from the grocery store to their car.

5. Place happiness quotes on car windshields at the grocery store.

6. Take stuffed animals to Sick Kids Hospital.

7. Bring water bottles with emergen C packages to the nurses at the Hospital.

8. Bring baked goods to my 3 neighbours on all sides of me in the condo.

9. Offer to take my neighbours garbage or recycling out.

10. Bring my concierge a healthy dinner

7 thoughts on “31 Acts of Love

  1. Hey Robyn, I just completed #9…and will take care of it each week this month! I hope you have a Happy Birthday and many more! 31?? I don’t think you look a day over 21! All my Best, Paul

  2. Hey Robyn! I celebrated your birthday early year and completed task number 1! I will also do it again on your birthday!
    Such a great idea! Love you!! Xo

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