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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received the product at no cost.

I was introduced to 23 Degree Roastery Coffee 2 years ago at a blogger event at Fuel +. I fell in love with the coffee and the company’s promise to its consumers. When they invited me to tour their facility I jumped at the chance to learn more!


The company name 23 Degrees is inspired by the Bean Belt, the land 23° north and south of the equator, where most of the world’s coffee is grown. But what they want their name to mean to you is down-to-earth, straightforward honesty, high quality, and working partnerships.

The reason why I’ve been buying 23 Degrees at Loblaws for the past few years is because of the following selling points.

• Specialty Grade Green Beans
• Certified Fairtrade
• Certified Organic
• Local Roasting (they are local to Toronto when they say fresh it really is freshly roasted here and then shipped to accounts in Ontario & beyond).
• Freshly Roasted Coffee (I asked and they said from roasting to on shelf in the grocery store is within a week!)


My favourite blend has got to be Phoenix Rising. It is an intense, full-bodied coffee that has citrus notes, wood smoke tones and a dark chocolate finish. I got the low down that this blend is made with Sumatra & Nicaragua green beans. Since I’ve been to Nicaragua I guess this means I’ll have to visit the island of Sumatra next to support my favourite coffee 🙂


I was invited to tour the Roastery on Monday as I’ll be working with them as an official brand ambassador! My favourite part of the tour was seeing the green beans for the first time which was amazingly cool. What I love about 23 Degrees is they are a small batch roaster. They believe in quality and the ability to lovingly roast their beans and make great-tasting coffee. I saw the facility, the roaster, and the packaging area and grilled, Kathleen the roaster with lots of questions.


They roast, bag and package everything within the same day as roasting and everything is roasted to order so they can guarantee freshness! Who doesn’t love that kind of promise!?


I have bought bags in the past from my Loblaws in the organic section. You can use their online store locator to find the closest retailer to you.

Other cool facts I loved to learn. Their coffee is roasted at 200 degrees celsius. A light roast takes from 19 – 20 mins and dark roasts can take up to 25 mins. Kathleen uses a sampler spoon to look at the colour of the beans during the roasting process to ensure accuracy in addition to the temperature gauges on their roaster.


Do you love coffee as much as I? 23 Degrees is lovingly giving away a stovetop espresso maker & a bag of Mug Shot! It is a blend that lights up your tongue with brightness but finishes with a smooth, sweet chocolaty flavour. It’s their most popular seller! Canadian Residents Only!


I’m off to make a cup of coffee…

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