2024 Goals & Intentions

Happy New Year. 

Let’s get into the long-awaited 2024 goals and intentions post. Long awaited for who? I’m pretty sure I write these posts to ensure I’m tracking my own goals. I’m not even sure anyone reads these anymore but truth be told… I love having a place to keep track of my goals and if it inspires someone else’s goals in the process it’s a bonus! 

Anyway, without further ado, before I get into the nitty gritty of my goal-setting ways. How do I want to feel in 2024? 

Here are my 2024 core desired feelings:

2024 Core Desired Feelings

Here are all the words I wrote down before cull it down to these above four. 

Electric, Shine, Flow, Turned On, Vibrant, Radiant, Bold, Expansive, Boundless, Authentic and Truth. And then I landed on… 

Electric: I want jolts of excitement to course through me as I move through life this year. I’ve used the words lit up before but Electric just lands differently in my brain this year.  

Expansive: I challenged myself last year with a few difficult goals like publishing my second book and a weekly planner. But I feel like I’m capable of so much more. I want to expand. I just don’t know what that looks like yet. 

Radiant: I want to feel radiant in my relationships. I want to spend time with the people I love and just glow. 

Vibrant: This one comes down to my health. Last year I wanted to feel energized. I got that now I want to go beyond energized to truly feeling vibrant again in my body and in my skin. 

So after I choose my core desired feelings I start with a life category audit.

 Life Category Audit

Here is how I ranked my life categories based on how 2023 went. 1 = not happy with this area of my life, 10 = I’ve got this area figured out. 
Career 9
Finances 9
Health 6
Fitness 6
Nutrition 7
Travel 8
Home 8
Spiritual 6
Couple 9
Family 9
Friendships 6
Leisure 7

So after ranking my life categories, I focus on setting goals first in my lowest-ranked categories:

Health & Fitness

Since health & fitness were both ranked as a 6 last year and haven’t been ranked well for the past few years I know I need to focus on these first. Moving into 2024, I want to feel happy looking in the mirror. And for me that means, I want to feel confident looking at my body in the mirror. Which translates further into continued weight shedding postpartum. 
To move towards these feelings I know that I need to challenge myself in my workouts. The result of more challenging workouts will be losing weight and gaining energy. And thus I will feel more energized every day to be able to add an element of play into my day with my twins.
So here are my fitness smart goals:
1. Do 4 Workouts A Week (2 Challenging)
2. Meet Myself On My Yoga Mat Once A Week
3. Try Running (Pelvic Floor Allowing) In The Spring (Run A 5K)
Sub Goal: Rehab My Pelvic Floor
I’ve had a pelvic floor prolapse since giving birth to the twins and it is very restricting in what my body can do comfortably. So now that my liver health is in a better place and I’m not experiencing a MS relapse I can re-focus on my pelvic floor rehabilitation. 
From a health perspective, I want to continue to tackle three things: 
  1. Keep Liver Enzymes Low
  2. Rebalance Minerals
  3. No MS Relapses
I shared at the beginning of 2022 that I had been struggling with my liver health since the end of 2020. And while I was able to lower my liver enzymes with the help of the TUDCA supplement I wasn’t given the proper protocol to use this supplement and ended up very suicidal over the winter of 2021/2022 (but that’s another story for another blog). After working with a few different practitioners I was supporting my liver health with different supplements and was able to keep my liver enzymes low. But the minute I’d go off of the supplements they’d go back up. I was seeing a hepatologist who wanted to rule out different liver autoimmune diseases so after more bloodwork and a liver biopsy in 2023 we were able to rule out anything serious. 
After several poor appointments with local Ottawa Naturopaths, I decided to enrol in the Sexy Autoimmune Academy with Melissa Ramos in June 2023. I’ve been working through her program, working with one of her practitioners to implement different protocols and I’m starting to see great results as shared in my 2023 review blog. So I’m continuing to plod along with her course and the healing work. 
So here are my Health smart goals: 
1. Finish the Sexy Autoimmune Academy
2. Start the next healing protocol with my Autoimmune Academy practitioner. 
3. Measure minerals mid-year to see where my levels are at and plan accordingly. 
By doing all these things, focusing on my self-care and keeping my stress low I know I’ll be able to achieve no MS relapses in 2024. 


I ranked friendships as a 6 as well because my friendships have completely changed since getting pregnant with our twins and living through the plandemic (that’s not a typo). I am craving deep connections with women and want to prioritize the friendships in my life and build new ones. 

Here are my friendship smart goals:

  1. Book 1 monthly friendship date (with current friends or for meeting new people)
  2. Book 1 friend trip with my friend Aubrie (we are toying with the idea of going somewhere warm or at least away for a weekend)
  3. Book 1 trip with my friend Shannon to the Adirondacks (Shannon and I travelled to the Adirondacks back in 2019 so I’m excited to book a fall trip with her this coming year.


I ranked my spiritual life category as a 6 as well because I feel like I’m having an on and off again relationship with both myself and with God. Some mornings I embrace my quiet, contemplative time and then other days I’m curled up on the couch watching reality TV just purely checked out. I know for a fact the days I start with reality TV I am not my best self. So here’s to drop kicking that habit out of my life. 
My spiritual smart goals:
  1. Be consistent with daily morning meditation
  2. Be consistent with daily journaling and write at least 1 page a day
  3. Be consistent with reading my Bible every morning


Last year for leisure I created a resilience challenge and another self-reliant challenge for myself. As I shared in my 2023 review post these just didn’t go as well as planned. With a combination of being too ambitious and health issues, this fell by the wayside. For 2024, I’m just going to create a long list and then each month, I’ll pick from the list a challenge for myself based on how life is evolving. I’ll need to earmark them for certain months weather depending but I’ll give myself grace to choose each month based on where life is. 

Self-Reliance Challenges

  1. Gardening
  2. Composting
  3. Plant Identification
  4. Root Veggie Storage
  5. Hunting
  6. Knitting
  7. Change A Tire
  8. Generator
  9. Herbal Remedies
  10. Butchering / Animal Field Dressing
  11. Foraging / Mushroom Hunting
  12. Seed Saving
  13. Split Firewood

Resilience Challenges

  1. Cold Water Plunges
  2. Morning Sun Gazing
  3. Wim Hof Breathing
  4. Reduce Phone Time
  5. No TV
  6. Weekend Digital Detoxes
  7. No Processed Sugar
  8. Something That Scares Me
  9. Daily Prayer
  10. Daily Silence
  11. 10 Push Ups Daily
  12. 10 Pull Ups Daily
  13. Weekly Coffee Dates


I’m really proud of how I nourish myself and our family. We mainly eat AIP for my health. The majority of our food is farm-to-table. We order our beef from Arc Acres and get the majority of our produce from Ottawa Farm Fresh or Lytle’s Organic Vegetables
With my fitness goals next year, I need to be in a slight caloric deficit and I want to ensure I’m eating the appropriate amount of protein so I am going to be tracking my food for the month of January just so I can see how consistent I can be with my protein intake. 
And just for fun, I’m going to throw learning to bake a new recipe each month just because our twins love baking and I want them to have memories of us baking together. 
Food Value Statement


I’ve enjoyed planning for at least 3 trips a year that include: 
1. Adventure Trip – We want to take the twins to Banff this year to show them the mountains we love. Think they can handle hiking up Ha Ling? 
2. Honeymoon Trip – Mike and I want to take our annual honeymoon to Mexico this year. 
3. Relaxing Trip – I want to prioritize travelling with girlfriends this year and take a relaxing trip together as mentioned in my friendship goal. 
4. I also have the potential to take 3 business trips:
  • Nashville for dōTERRA’s Leadership Retreat
  • Poland for a client event
  • Salt Lake City for dōTERRA’s annual convention in September
Travel Value Statement

I’m excited to also plan our first Algonquin Park canoe trip with the twins. Hopefully at the end of summer when the weather is a bit cooler and the bugs aren’t as bad 🙂 

2024 Travel Goals


We renovated our home in the winter of 2022 and it’s everything I could ask for. I think the only thing I wish we had in this current home was a larger home gym. Right now we’ve put a gym in a small sunroom at the back of our house. We are working on making it more usable and installing a foldable bench and squat rack that I can use. That’ll be nice to get done in early January. 
But when it comes to dreaming big this is the long-term vision:
Home Value Statement
We’ve been looking at property for a new business ever since we moved back in 2021. More recently we’ve started looking at several options. The first option would be a property where we can just run the business or a property where we would move and also run the business off of it. In the last few months, we’ve also started talking to my parents about what it might look like to move onto a family compound. So we’ve been looking for a house with an inlaw suite or enough land to build a bungalow for them on it. That way my parents still have their own space but we’re uber close so our kids get to grow up spending loads of time with them. 
I’m not putting any pressure on this being a goal for 2024 unless something shows up that we can’t pass up. 
And last but not least, as we move into setting our house up for homeschooling the twins I’d like to set up a little nook in our living room that is a dedicated space for learning. 


Speaking of family, here are some things I envision for the year. 
We spend time every morning as a family connecting. 
We have dinner together every night and go for a walk as a family and with our dogs after dinner.
We go on one annual trip a year. 
We have a winter & summer bucket lists.
We spend long weekends up at the family cottage.
We go on monthly Mommy/Daughter & Daddy/Son and then Mommy/Son & Daddy/Daughter dates. 
We are homeschooling the kids in addition to them attending 1 – 2 forest schools.


I’m proud of how my husband and I have connected as a couple this year. I adore doing weekly date nights with him. We’ve also started implementing working at a coffee shop together every Friday after we drop the kids off at forest school and then pick them up mid-day. So I’d like to continue that into the new year. 
We’ll continue to travel once a year together for a “honeymoon” and go away at least once a year for a weekend away. Our anniversary is actually on a weekend this year so maybe we’ll pair a weekend away with celebrating our anniversary. 
One more thing I’d like to look into but I’m just not sure of who’s putting this on and going away for a couple’s retreat where we connect, spend time together, play together and learn together. Does anyone have any suggestions? 


I scored a 9 in my career because I’m finally in a beautiful place where I’m happy, fulfilled and challenge. 
I love my job as a Marketing Director for a web3 marketing agency. I’ve enjoyed offering a few fractional marketing services here and there and hope to expand that roster this year. 
I sell essential oils. I’d like to grow my business back to a solid Elite status from January – May and then rebuild my business to Premier by November of 2024. 
I grow our investment income. 
I will launch a 2025 weekly planner again next year. 
I’m spending time organizing and executing to bring Mike’s Wolves Not Sheep business into a good place. 


I think it’s appropriate to share my career value statement here as it’s my only push goal that makes me feel uncomfortable. 
Career Value Statement
When I look back on my last two years I’ve been able to double my income. In 2022, I earned over $100,000 and in 2023, I was able to double that to $200,000. So the wise me would say I should just aim for the $300,000 mark. But I want to push myself. So my push goal is to generate $600,000 in revenue in 2024 with my multiple income streams. 
From an investment perspective I’ll continue to challenge myself to earn 6% growth on my investments. Now to reverse engineer where the $600,000 will come from.
Bring on 2024. 

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