2023 Winter Bucket List

I don’t think I’ve done a proper Winter Bucket List since the twins were born. So here is my attempt at creating a 2023 winter bucket list that I can do with my husband, on my own, or with the twins!

2023 Winter Bucket List

Already Accomplished

We’ve already knocked off tobogganing, having a snowball fight, and building a snowman off the 2023 winter bucket list.

How To Make It Happen

So to make this happen, I’ll take the remaining items and map out the rest of our weekends this winter to ensure we’re getting things scheduled. After all, we only really have 2 months (maybe 3 if March is still cold) of winter.

Activities To Check Off

If you’re wondering what the Go Anywhere activity is, Mike gave me a gift for Christmas that is basically a date day and scavenger hunt all wrapped up together so I’m excited to tackle that as a day date with Mike.

We loved our dog sledding adventure in 2017 so we’re hoping to book one this year with Escape Huskimo again and take the twins.

I have cold dipping on my resilience challenge for January and I’m excited to do more cold dips in the comfort of our home. But after doing two Wim Hof workshops, we’ve joined a community that meets usually once a week to cold dip in the Ottawa River after cutting a hole in the ice 🙂 So I’m excited to join them this year.

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What sort of things do you have on your winter bucket list?

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