2023 Resilience Challenge

I shared in my 2023 Goals & Intentions post that I wanted to complete a monthly resilience challenge in 2023. This is in addition to my 2023 self-reliance challenge that I’m repeating this year.

2023 resilience challenge

Because I’m a big word fan, I normally start blogs out like this by looking at the definition of the word.

definition of resilience

I’ve noticed since the twins were born that I haven’t been able to adjust or recover well from stressful situations. My stress response has been difficult to manage and I’ve found myself battling depression. I want to turn things around for myself before it gets worse. I want to consciously work on building my physical and emotional resilience through monthly challenges.

So every month this year I’m going to focus on one thing. The frequency might be daily, a few times a week, or weekly each month.

My 2023 Monthly Resilience Challenge

  • January – cold water plunges (3 x a week)
  • February – Wim Hof breathing (daily)
  • March – 10 pull-ups (daily)
  • April – 15 mins of daily sun gazing
  • May – weekly friendship dates
  • June – do 1 thing a week that scares me
  • July – reduce phone time by 50%
  • August – no TV (for a month)
  • September – no sugar (for a month)
  • October – daily prayer
  • November – daily time in silence
  • December – 10 push-ups (daily)

Similar to my self-reliance challenge, I’m trialing a new platform to document both challenges over on substack. There will be free and paid content if you’d like to read more about this year’s challenge you can subscribe to the newsletter.

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