2022 Goals & Intentions

It’s that time of the year for sharing my 2022 goals and intentions for a new year post! I think I have been sharing goal posts on my blog since 2011! I used to link back to each year’s new year’s goal posts. But who’s really interested in going that far back in my goal setting posts!? I’m sure if you’re really that curious you can use the search bar 😉

I totally document my annual goals for myself so I can look back on the year and see what progress I’ve made. Glancing at this post every quarter helps me see if I’m on track. I will also decide to throw a goal out because it no longer resonates with me. And in the process, I hope these types of posts inspire you if you’re into annual goal setting.

I’ve had a very specific way of planning that serves me quite well. I’ll share a little bit around the process in case you want to use this method to plan out your year.


Core Desired Feelings – My Intentions for 2022 Goals

I always start my annual 2022 goal planning by thinking about how I want to feel in key areas of my life. I love looking at images and words on Pinterest and these ones jumped out at me this year.

2022 Core Desired Feelings

Here’s a little more about the choice behind each word:

  • Energized – I want to feel energized in my body and in the things I choose to pursue (whether it’s hobbies, friendships or career choices).
  • Clarity & Brave – I want clarity over how I’m meant to show up in this world and I want to be brave in all of my actions.
  • Sexy – I want to feel sexy in my body again. I want to feel sexy in my skin.
  • Shine – I feel like I’ve been hiding over the past few years and I’m ready to stop hiding.
  • Bliss – I want to feel bliss in the presence I experience with my family.

Life Category Audit

After I’ve thought about how I want to feel in 2022 I take an honest assessment over different categories in my life. I score each life category from 1 – 10. 1 being zero satisfaction in that life category and 10 being so completely satisfied. This will shape the order that I tackle my 2022 goals in the new year. Here’s my audit.

Career – 9

Side Hustles – 7

House – 5

Nutrition – 9

Fitness – 5

Health – 5

Relationships – 7

Stress Management – 5

Personal Development – 8

Reading – 7

Writing – 7

Podcast – 5

This means when I start to look at specific goals for 2022 in my life I will prioritize the lower scored categories first. I find when I prioritize those it makes it much easier to tackle all other goals in my life.

2022 Goals by Life Category

I’ll try to share in this section, why I scored the categories the way I did and what I’m hoping to accomplish for my 2022 goals. Let’s start with the lower ranked categories and what do I need to start doing or optimize immediately to focus on my well-being and happiness.

House Goals – Score: 5

House as a category scored really low for me because I haven’t felt settled since we arrived back in Ottawa in April. I haven’t felt like our house is a home. We still have many boxes we have yet to unpack as we had planned on renovations before truly getting settled.

When we renovated our house in 2017 we only did the kitchen, living room, flooring and doors throughout the house. At the time we didn’t renovate the bathrooms and they desperately need it. When we moved back home to Ottawa and back into our house in May, we had talked about a major bathroom renovation and creating a new bathroom as an ensuite to our master bedroom. We started renovations in 2021 with our upstairs bathroom since you can only renovate one bathroom at a time while living in the house. We got started in June and we are just finishing it up now in December. This renovation took a little too many months for my liking to get it done. So we’ve hired contractors to renovate the current master bedroom closet, create a master bath ensuite, renovate the existing downstairs bathroom and put in a gear closet for us.

This will allow Mike and I to move from the guest bedroom down to our previous bedroom, have a private master bathroom for ourselves and move the babes from their current nursery into the larger room we are currently in. From there I’ll transform my previous office, turned nursery into a decent guest bedroom for when Mike’s parent’s come to visit. Thankfully this goal is being tackled in the first few months of the year.

Fitness / Movement Goals – Score: 5

My fitness has been off and on again this year. I keep setting a goal of working out 5 – 6 days a week and then something keeps happening mentally to me to thwart it so I’m doing what I do best when I start implementing a new habit and going back to baby steps. I have 2 things that will help me build this habit back into my life.

  1. Starting Small – For January my goal is to workout 3 days / week. In February 4 days / week. In March 5 days / week and then build it up to 6 days / week in April.
  2. I’m also asking my husband, Mike to program my workouts for me. If I have a program to follow I have no excuse for a lack of motivation.

Last but not least, I’m craving an in-person yoga practice again. So I’ve found a beautiful studio in Wakefield that I’ll be attending Sunday morning yoga classes at.

Health Goals – Score: 5

I am struggling with my health. In December of 2020, after requesting routine bloodwork, it was discovered that I have high liver enzymes. I have still yet to see a specialist so I’ve taken matters into my own hands as I normally do when conventional medicine fails me and have built a health care team to try and figure it out. I’ve been on a supplement protocol, getting monthly accupuncture and I saw an ayurveda practitioner for support this fall. I’m looking forward to blood test results in the new year and optimizing from there.

Once my liver enzyme issue has been solved, I’ll be talking a look at my hormone health. Something feels off emotionally and I have a gut feeling it’s related to some potential hormone imbalances that were discovered before we conceived. I haven’t asked for hormone related bloodwork in a while so that will be interesteing to take a look at in the future.

And last but not least, is continually optimizing for living with MS. I’ve been having weird symptoms in my neck every time I look down so that’s my bodies way of telling me things are not currently ok. I’ll take stock of all the things I do for myself or can do for myself and see where I’m lacking and need to implement some habits for my well-being.

Stress Management Goals – Score: 5

Mike has become an extreme early riser. He sets his alarm on weekdays for 4:30am. This means I have an 8:30 pm bedtime to ensure I’m getting my 8 hours of sleep. Once his alarm goes off, I roll over, grab my phone and turn on a meditation. This helps me to slowly wake up before heading to the bathroom for tongue scraping and oil pulling before making my morning lemon water.

With a new sauna in our house and a renovated upstairs bathroom, I have no excuse to not spend time every evening in a delicious bedtime routine. I’ll be alternating having a sauna or an Epsom Salt bath every single night 🙂

Last but not least, I have signed up for a weekly women’s therapy group. I have been having some hard thoughts lately and moments of panic attacks or extreme sadness and I know it’s time to get the help that I’ve sought in the past and know I so desperately in need of right now.

Podcast Goals – Score: 5

My podcast isn’t lighting me up anymore. It started feeling like a chore. So it’s time to hang up the microphone for a while.

Relationships Goals – Score: 7

My relationship with my husband is the strongest it has ever been and yet I miss the days sometimes of just the two of us. We are amazing parenting partners and I love him so dearly so we are choosing to focus on our relationship again by implementing a weekly date night. And it doesn’t have to mean going out every week, it could simply be setting up a picnic in the living room after the babes go to bed and having a heart to heart.

I have some of the most beautiful friendships in my life during this season. And my heart soars after quality time with them. So I’m choosing to plan out to ensure I get monthly friendship dates with a few key people!

Reading Goals – Score: 7

I’ve been reading a lot for work lately. And love immersing myself into “reading” again. I say it in quotation marks because audiobooks have been key for me this year. I’ve set a goal for myself next year to read 1 book a month.

Writing Goals – Score: 7

I truly love this blog. I truly love this outlet of mine. I’ve said over the past few years that 1 – 2 blogs a week feels good for me so that shall continue. I rated this category as a 7 because I feel like I have my next book in me ready to be birthed so I’m starting to think if this is the year, I start mapping out the contents.

Career / Side Hustles Goals

I scored a 9 in my career and a 7 in my side hustles. I’m really happy in my career. I’ve landed as a Marketing Director for a sales development training company and we have some big 2022 goals to accomplish and I’m excited to be a part of the team. However, because I started working full-time again in June of 2021 most of my energy and focus has been put into that role and I had little to no energy in the morning or evenings to dedicate to my side hustles. So I scored myself a 7 because I know I can get focused and do better in a few areas.

Side Hustle Goals – Score: 7

I love my dōTERRA Business. I threw myself into the business during my mat leave but had to take a step back a bit this year due to my health and my energy needs for my full-time role. I’m excited to get refocused and continue to work towards supporting my customers. I have some big goals in terms of actually supporting women (or men) in being able to build a diversified income with this business in 2021.

I lauched Lifestyle Health Audits in my Autoimmune Thriving business last year as well and really enjoyed connecting with individuals who are looking for a health care tour guide. I’m thinking of re-launching my Autoimmune Thriving program next year so I’ll start some market research to see how many people might be interested in joining.

Last but not least, my husband and I incorporated a business earlier this year, we’ve been looking for the right piece of land to start the business but haven’t found the right one. After several offers, and one accepted one that didn’t work out (structural issues in a building on site) we are still searching so that continues to be a priority for us into the new year.

Career Goals – Score: 9

I’d like to set myself up to become a fractional CMO in the future. There are fewer and fewer C level roles at the top of organizations but I’d like to look at what it would look like to offer my marketing skills to several different organizations who couldn’t afford a full-time role in the future but could benefit from part-time senior leadership support.

Personal Development Goals – Score: 8

In 2021, my husband and I focused on becoming more self-reliant. So if you need to throw an easy label on it, we became preppers this year. We’ve always loved our time out in nature but we are creatures of comfort and if the past 2 years have taught me anything it’s that we need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. When we also look at what’s going on in the world and the amount of natural disaster that people are facing we want to ensure we are setting ourselves up for survival no matter what sort of scenario lies ahead.

To continue to expand my knowledge and skill set I’ve set up a monthly self-reliant challenge for myself to learn 1-2 new skills a month. I’ll share a separate blog post on the topic!

Nutrition Goals – Score: 9

Nutrition is pretty good for me. I do want to focus on a few things in my health so I’ll always continuously work to optimize the food that nourishes me. I want to ensure I’m always filling our bodies with nutrient dense meals so my goal in this category is to simply try at least 1 new nutrient dense recipe a week.

In addition, my dōTERRA business team always runs an annual 21 day Healthy Habits Program. It starts February 1st so I’ll be following along for myself! And in June we’ll be running out Essential 30 day Cleanse which I’ll also be participating in.

Well there you have it, all my 2022 goals in one place. Does this method of planning resonate with you? Do you have a similar practice? Want to share some of your 2022 goals with me?

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  1. Love this post! I like the subjects you addressed and your plans. I did a mood board last week and wrote out a schedule as I start a terrific new job on Wednesday.

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