My 2021 Goals

I’ve stuck with the same Core Desired Feelings for a few years now. Abundant, Aligned, Ease and Love have served me well. In 2020, I felt called to bring radiant confidence into my life as I baked and birthed our twins. As I sat down to think about what my 2021 goals are going to be I’ve landed on 3 Core Desired Feelings for this year which are Vibrant, Nurturing, and Emboldened.

These Core Desired Feelings specifically have to do with how I want to feel when it comes to my career, health, and home/family goals. If I focus first on these categories within my life I will have space and capacity to then accomplish goals in other areas of my life. I attach core desired feelings to each category so that as I set goals in each category, I look at how I want to feel in that area of my life and measure my goal against it.

For example: If I continue a morning routine of meditation and journaling I know I will feel calmer and then I’ll be able to go through my day with more EASE. EASE being the core desired feeling of the spiritual category of my life.

Without further ado, here are…


My Category Goals for 2021

Career – Core Desired Feeling: EMBOLDENED

  • My husband and I are working on an entrepreneurial opportunity and we are working through the how of making it happen. We need a substantial investor to join us so we are working through our network and channels to find the right partner.
  • I continue to work to grow a gold dōTERRA team
  • My position at work was terminated at the beginning of this year so I will be looking for a new full-time position as a marketing executive to tackle after mat leave

Finance – Core Desired Feeling: ABUNDANT

  • Manage our family budget
  • Consistently invest in our RRSP, TFSA, and the kid’s RESP each month

Health – Core Desired Feeling: VIBRANT

  • In January work up to 4 workouts a week, by February 5 workouts a week and by March & beyond build up to 6 workouts a week
  • Get back to yoga, road biking, and hiking
  • Figure out what’s going on with my liver (My recent blood work showed something is up)
  • Optimize my hormonal health
  • Reduce inflammation in my body after giving birth this year
  • Stay consistent with my daily water consumption

Travel – Core Desired Feeling: EXPLORE

  • Explore Vancouver Island as much as possible in case we have to move away
  • Spend more time camping in our skoolie
  • Once international travel opens back up travel to Costa Rica or Belize

Home – Core Desired Feeling: NURTURING

  • Continue to decorate our Port Alberni home
  • Declutter and sell items we don’t use
  • Create memories for our family like dance parties, movie nights on the bus and hiking

Spiritual – Core Desired Feeling: EASE

  • Continue my morning meditation practice
  • Be consistent with a daily journaling practice

Relationships – Core Desired Feeling: NURTURING

  • Continue to build friendships with my friends who have stayed in contact with me since moving across the country
  • Have one date night at least once a month with my husband

Reading – Core Desired Feeling: CURIOUS

  • Read 1 book a month

Creative – Core Desired Feeling: EXPRESSED

  • Write at least 1 blog a week
  • Publish 1 podcast a week

Leisure – Core Desired Feeling: ADVENTURE

  • Have fun with seasonal bucket lists

I usually post this blog on January 1st, 2021 but as I hope you can understand… life with twins means I just have to go with the flow a little bit more. It was also nice to take a little bit more time this month to go through my planning process and really examine which areas of my life I needed to come back to basic goals instead of always trying to dream big. Sometimes you just need to come back to simplicity.

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