2020 Year In Review

The last week of December always has that fresh start energy around it. Here is my 2020 year in review before putting dreams on paper for the upcoming year.

2020 Year In Review

But before we dive into the year… I saw an amazing post on Instagram last night. It was during a late-night feeding for the twins and it really put things into perspective. The summary of it was to give ourselves a bit more grace around 2020. And not be so hard on ourselves if we weren’t able to achieve everything we had set out to do. So I’m not even going to do a standard overview of my 2020 goals because everything changed this year.

I also got inspired for this post after attending a yoga class on December 30th with Aleysha Derkson. She urged us to journal before our mat practice. One of the questions was to ponder “What lessons did 2020 bring?” The question before this was “What challenges did 2020 bring?” We need to acknowledge the challenges that this year brought us. However, we can also reframe the year and celebrate what we learned. Even if it was from hardship.

So first, I want to celebrate what I accomplished in the current year to acknowledge the blessings. From there I’ll share the lessons from this year.

Top 10 Accomplishments from 2020

  1. We moved our life from Ottawa to Port Alberni. Organizing a cross-country move is no small feat.
  2. I carried the twins in a healthy pregnancy.
  3. I gave birth to 2 beautiful babies (Alora & Ryland).
  4. I tackled a new role as the Marketing Director for the Coulson Group of Companies at the beginning of the year until going on mat leave in July.
  5. My dōTERRA business hit the rank of Silver in November for the first time in a year (every month we actually start from scratch). To hit this rank means I am successfully supporting my current customers and sharing the oils with new customers.
  6. My husband and I traveled back to Ottawa in September to visit family & friends with 6-week old babies during a pandemic.
  7. My husband and I explore Vancouver Island a little bit. We managed to go to Ucluelet in February, and Tofino a few times (with Mike’s parents and the babes). We also camped out in our skoolie at Sproat Lake Provincial Park and Stamp River Provincial Park.
  8. I continued blogging throughout the year, hopefully providing some resources for other new moms.
  9. I consistently taught essential oils classes on Instagram live every Wednesday night from October to December.
  10. I made less checklists this year!

Top 5 Lessons from 2020

  1. You can never stop learning how to be resilient. The postpartum complications I endured taught me once more how much I can endure.
  2. Having twins teaches you a new level of communication needed with your partner. Mike and I have had to learn to express our needs proactively so we don’t fall into resenting each other.
  3. I’m proud of how I stepped into my corporate role this year and made great progress in implementing marketing strategies within only 6 months.
  4. I am learning to love my body after birth. Loving it for what it accomplished this year while rebuilding my strength and embracing the new curves and softness.
  5. My dōTERRA business continued to grow the more I showed up consistently. By sharing how I use the oils on Instagram and teaching live I was able to build my business back up to a leadership level I achieved last year.

And here’s a fun snap shot of my most read blog posts of the year.

Top 5 Blog Posts from 2020

  1. Essential Oils for Feminine Energy
  2. DIY Laundry Detergent
  3. DIY Hand Soap
  4. DIY Wooden Wedding Signs
  5. Healthy Poop

Stay tuned for how I’m setting Goals for 2021.

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