My 2020 New Year’s Goals

I always go all out setting new year’s goals every year. It always lights me up and has gotten me excited for the new year. I’ve been doing it a certain way for so many years that I have it down to a science. I covered my goal-setting process in last year’s posts if you’re curious to read more about the steps.

2019 Monthly Goals & 2019 Category Goals

Another fun thing I did last year was dream a little longer than just 1 year out and set down 10 dreams for 10 years.

My 2020 Goals

This year I still sat down and wrote out all of my accomplishments for 2019 to sit in gratitude. Then I wrote out all my life categories and scored myself on them to see where I might want to focus attention in 2020. I still really love setting goals, but there’s something about this year that is causing me to really take a step back. I’ve written down my focus areas for the year but I’ve really decided to go deep on some and stop trying to do it all in all areas of my life which leads me to let goals go throughout the year.

Top 10 Accomplishments from 2019

  1. Became a yoga teacher
  2. Ran a successful Autoimmune Thriving yoga retreat
  3. Built the Autoimmune Thriving community on Instagram
  4. Rocked my seasonal bucket lists, with cabin weekends, glamping, canoe trips and climbing 2 mountains
  5. Spent quality time with Mike’s family at the cottage and over Christmas Holiday (we see my parent’s pretty much every week so it was nice to see Mike’s family more)
  6. Became the Marketing Director at Coulson Group
  7. Won an award for the Euro Tile & Stone website was the lead on as Digital Marketing Director at TRUEdotDESIGN.
  8. MS continues to stay in remission
  9. My dōTERRA team and customers continue to grow
  10. I had a consistent morning meditation practice

What I’m Giving Up in 2020!

  1. Friendships that are one-sided
  2. Putting life on pause for my dreams
  3. Being in a toxic work environment every day
  4. Spending time worrying about future fear
  5. Co-dependency habits

What Is Your Soul Telling You To Do

Teach people how to take care of themselves differently than they have before

Category Goals for 2020

Career – Core Desired Feeling: RADIANT CONFIDENCE

  • Thrive in my career as Director of Marketing at Coulson Group
  • Grow a gold dōTERRA team
  • Launch an entry-level online course with Autoimmune Thriving around Meal Planning

Finance – Core Desired Feeling: ABUNDANCE

  • Maintain our family budget

Health – Core Desired Feeling: ELATED

  • Hikes & Yoga
  • A Healthy Twin Pregnancy!

Travel – Core Desired Feeling: EXPLORE

  • Visit Aubrie at her house in Girona, Spain
  • Explore Vancouver Island on weekends
  • Travel back to Ottawa for 1 friend’s weddings this year

Home – Core Desired Feeling: COZY

  • Find, purchase and decorate a new home

Spiritual – Core Desired Feeling: PEACE

  • Continue my morning meditation practice

Friendships – Core Desired Feeling: TRUST

  • Build new friendships in Port Alberni

Reading – Core Desired Feeling: CURIOUS

  • Read 1 book a month

Writing – Core Desired Feeling: EXPRESSED

  • Write 2 blogs a week
  • Start writing my 2nd book called Health Lost, Health Found

Leisure – Core Desired Feeling: ADVENTURE

  • Have fun with seasonal bucket lists

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