2019 Goals – Monthly Goals

So after I’ve written down all the goals I’d like to accomplish in each life category I then map many of them out based on the calendar year. This way I’m not trying to tackle everything in January.

alt="2019 Monthly Goals"

I have annual priorities that are either a habit I need to stick to, ones I’m creating or ones I always want to improve upon. I don’t map these out for specific months as they start in January and weave throughout the year. Only the new to me priorities will make it into my paper planner as a monthly or weekly goal if I’m trying to establish a habit like doing an evening devotional (which is something I currently don’t do consistently).

Annual Priorities

  1. Fitness: 3 weight workouts a week, 1 yoga practice a week, 1- 2 bike rides a week, 1 – 3 runs a week starting in April – August
  2. Health & Nutrition: weekly meal planning & consistent daily supplements
  3. Spirituality: daily meditation & evening devotional practice
  4. Romance: weekly date night
  5. Writing: 2 weekly blogs on robynbaldwin.com, 1 weekly blog on organizedbrides.com
  6. Side Hustle: teach 1 – 2 essential oil classes a month, up to 4 classes in busy months
  7. Reading: read at least 1 book a month
  8. Finance: stick to monthly budget

After I write out all my annual priorities I take a look at my life category goals and my 10 year, 10 dreams goals and see how I can prioritize steps to achieving them or working toward them.

January Priorities

  1. Host a 7 Day meditation challenge
  2. Plan & go winter camping
  3. Research & apply to speak at a Fall TEDx event

February Priorities

  1. Attend yoga teacher training in Bali
  2. Host a 7 Day self-love challenge
  3. Start planning a spring AIP retreat

March Prorities

  1. Attend dōTERRA Leadership in March in San Diego
  2. Start an autoimmune paleo potluck support group
  3. Relaunch Podcast?

April Priorities

  1. Host my first Autoimmune Thriving retreat
  2. Finish decorating guest bedroom
  3. Go turkey hunting

May Priorities

  1. Start running twice a week
  2. Host an autoimmune paleo potluck support group (becomes monthly priority moving forward)
  3. Learn about setting up a non-profit bursary company

June Priorities

  1. Increase runs to three times a week
  2. Ride to Conquer Cancer – June 8 – 9

July Priorities

  1. Train for MEC 9km race – July 7
  2. Plan a summer canoe trip
  3. Start searching for mountain home real estate areas

August Priorities

  1. Train for MEC 20km race – August 11
  2. Start visiting mountain real estate areas with summer bucket lists activities

September Priorities

  1. Utah Trip with Mike before or after dōTERRA Convention in September
  2. Plan a fall canoe trip

October Priorities

  1. Speak at a TEDx event
  2. Host my second Autoimmune Thriving retreat

November Priorities

  1. Go on my first deer hunt
  2. Teach 4 essential oil classes

December Priorities

  1. Host an AIP culinary workshop for holiday hosting
  2. Host Friendsmas at our house
  3. Host 2nd annual Believe NYE 2020

2 thoughts on “2019 Goals – Monthly Goals

  1. Great tips and guidance. I am a newby to desire mapping and this blog as well as your previous one really helps me with my framework. Thanks for sharing.

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